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Gaius Julius Camillus


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Gens names "Caedicius" and (the earlier) "Caedius" are most likely derived from the Latin word caedes, meaning "a cutting down; killing; slaughter." Virgil used a form of the name in his Aeneid -- "Caedicus," who cut down Alcathous in battle.


The gens name "Antonius" is most likely of Etruscan origin, its original meaning lost to history. However, history's famous Marcus Antonius (the friend of Caesar) in a burst of family pride claimed that the name was derived from "Anton," a son of Hercules. Over the centuries, when the name of "Antony; Anthony" came into Christian use, various other, incorrect meanings have been ascribed to the name -- such as "priceless," "praise-worthy" and "flower" (from an association with the Greek word for flower: anthos).


-- Nephele

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