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Athens opens Parthenon Museum

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Cool! I have always liked Museums, although the one in my city only has a little corner dedicated to the Ancient World so it is kind of a let down.


The only museum in my home town is dedicated to our local history, and it's about as interesting as watching paint dry.


Anyway, the Athens museum itself is a work of art. An ultra modern construction of marble and glass - I love it!

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Now THIS would be a museum to visit when I finally make my way to Athens to be a tourist (and not be on a band tour). Where I live in the USA does not even have a museum at all for any history. They only have a very vague science museum and even that is not very intresting, and this is a capital city as well! At least in Berlin they do have multiple museums, but none to match this at all.


Thanks for posting up this article! Makes me have even more incentive to get to Athens as a tourist more than ever

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