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Pollux-God of Boxing

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Guest ParatrooperLirelou

In the days I've been gone I have been purely training for my future Pro Boxing career.One of the things I've been doing is reading the book Ethics of Boxing and Manly Sport by John Boyle O'Reilly.On P. 16 of the book, it mentions the Deity Pollux,who it states is the Greek God of Boxing.


From the book states, Pollux accomponied Jason and the Argonauts on their search for the Golden Fleece.He was the Brother of Castor, Greek God of Equestrian. During the journey for the Golden fleece, Pollux fought Amycus,King of Bebrycesand and son of Neptune,in a Boxing Duel. In the duel, Pollux discovers Amycus, was cheating and got so furious he killed Amycus in the Duel.


From the limited information availible of him on the net, its apparent Roman Boxers and Roman Boxing fans honored Pollux and hold him in reverence.


Could anyone offer more info on the God of Boxing?I'm a hardcore Boxing fan and Pro Boxer in Training and would appreciate any extra info! :D

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I'm sorry to say it but Castor wasn't an equestrian god, neither were Pollux one of boxing; they were simply famous as skilled in these arts during their lifetime.


The brothers were instead worshiped rather as the saviors and helpers of man, especially at the sea. It's also important to remember that they were never gods proper in the sense of the Olympians. Pollux was born immortal, Castor subject to death and they decided to share their fates, one being divine the first day, the second the next.

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