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Joe Geranio

Portraits of Caligula: The Seated Figure?

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Introduction: The purpose of this study is to identify the reverse figure on the consensv dupondii (See coin portrait on this page of seated figure of dupondius) , struck during the reign of the Emperor Caligula. There has been much controversy over this reverse type, which, along with portraits in the round of Caligula, will be examined in some depth. Through numismatic, literary and epigraphical evidence I will study the seated figure, which has been traditionally accepted as Augustus, and not Caligula.+


Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus was born in A.D. 12. His birthplace was most probably Antium (modern day Anzio).1 He won his nickname Caligula or

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A very fine study of this interesting coin, which does also show why coins should'nt be illegaly dug up : the information on coin distribution in sanctuaries would have been destroyed had this coins been so dug up.

I'm sure our UNRV member Guy will be thrilled when he reads your article, for it is indeed his passion too !

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