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The Romans were a religious people, though they went about a religion with a typically practical flair. Furthermore, the meaning of religion changed as the centuries elapsed.


Here on UNRV we embody the same practical and generally tolerant attitude demonstrated by our cultural forebears. Agnostics, Pagans and Christians can all find something to admire in Rome regardless of their respective religious preferences (or lack thereof).


The UNRV Temple of Rome is dedicated to the scholarly and objective survey of the various religious cults that impacted the peoples of the Roman Empire. The Temple does not promote one cult over another. It does not deny or confirm the external validity of religion in general or of any particular religion. It merely seeks to elucidate and appreciate the place of religious cults within the cultural and historical evolution of Roman society.


Topics relevant to the Temple include:


* Any of the various pagan/polytheist cults of Rome, from the monarchy through the late Empire.

* Any of the various pagan/polytheist faiths of the subject peoples of the Roman Empire

* Early Christianity, Eastern Orthodox Christianity and in particular Roman Catholicism

* Judaism in the time of the Roman Empire

* Various philosophical and mystical schools which, while not constituting religions in the strictest sense of the word, were associated with the various faiths and sometimes practiced as a substitute for them.


All inquiries into these religions should be done with an objective and neutral eye to history. Religion can be a contentious issue, and for that reason the Temple concerns itself only with scholarly assessments of the various faiths. The Temple asks that those with agendas militantly for or against a particular religion exercise those agendas outside the Temple walls. This is a place of learning and fellowship under the banner of Rome.

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Roman empire was very big and many religions in roman. First we have to know about roman religions. Buy d way you have start a nice topic about religion..!!

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