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  1. stevefrank

    Tiberian forts on the Danube

    Nice map view, But one more place is missing from here, i forget that name but definitely post here after know about.
  2. As i hear about these I can't say something about love relationship, and about roman empire and Egyptian empire, both are very strong and can describe to both of them in different fields, like roman empire is very strong in area, people and Egyptian empire is very strong in art, design and more different things.
  3. stevefrank

    Wives of Titus and Sabinus, Historical Errors?

    I saw your tree but not getting it.
  4. stevefrank

    Historical places are good for visit.

    Yep, but it's enough. I have visited lot of historical place, what's your main focus to post this thread..??
  5. Always be happy with UNRV

  6. stevefrank

    Visit to the Louvre

  7. stevefrank

    Museum Photography Policies

    Well just stay and more visit there beautiful places see this pic. is one of the my favorite places in Rome..
  8. stevefrank

    Oh, what to do now, what to do?!

    If still you are in Rome must visit this place. I am sharing one beautiful pic. of Santa Maria in Trastevere church. must visit there.
  9. stevefrank

    Roman Clothing and Armament Guides

    Very interesting. I like your second link where you describe body armors. Nice.
  10. stevefrank

    Who Were The Romans ?

    How can say. It's right information..Because it's just self hosted blog on wordpress..??
  11. stevefrank

    Welcome To The Culture, Daily Life Forum

    Roman empires ancient history are related to our medieval time. See this about medieval swords.. http://www.tudordressing.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=178_10
  12. stevefrank

    Roman Attitudes

    Great dele. I also avid lover of history about roman empire. I must read your book..
  13. stevefrank

    Some questions concerning Cicero and Seneca

    It's simply because of their different characters, Cicero acted as he was a epicurean, and Seneca at least did his best to be stoic. Thanks for give us nice information..
  14. stevefrank

    Possible Bones of Christian Matyrs Found

    Wow...It's really awesome news about roman empire.
  15. stevefrank

    Roman bronze head identification

    If we see natural sculptures, natural means "roman empires times sculptures". You can found in Britain. That's very oldest in roman.