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The Colosseum in colours

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Well there's only a video so I can't tell you very much, but it looks nice!



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The text next to the video translates as follows:


The Colosseum in colors


Cinnabar red, blue, pink, ocher, shade of green. Shades which make up decorations with vegetal motifs, symbolic figures and inscriptions. The Colosseum is in colors. This extraordinary find appears in the intermediate gallery at the third level of the Colosseum, approx. 30 m above street level, during restoration works of the Sovrintendenza ai Beni culturali.


It was for sure that such a prestigeous building such as the Colosseum must have been splendidly decorated the more it is great that they found now traces of these decorations, esp. when taking the general bad state of this building in consideration.

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