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I am stumped looking at this word on wiktionary, it defines it only as 'a hedgehog' but claims it is the second person singular future active indicative of sum, and gives these examples:


You will be

You will exist

You will be






So do I have Eris, the existentialist hedgehog here? Sonic the Hedgehog's quiet, inward looking hedgehog? Or is this post rape, feminist self identification, rolled up in the fetal position, in her happy spot, quivering she can't have her sense of self taken away from her, yelling and screeching at anyone who approaches her to help her?



Or a raped hedgehog who read far too much Heidegger and Sarte?


I dunno, this definition doesn't match the examples.


Someone tell me what the Romans were doing to these poor hedgehogs. I know they used to sacrifice puppies, what they do to these poor creatures? 

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I got it now..... Eris = "You Are a Depraved Hedgehog" 


I think I am starting to get this Synthetic vs Analectic Language divide.

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Eris =


1. Goddess of Discordia, she tossed the golden apple "kallistei" as the only not-invited guest at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis.

        => Never red any epitheton ornans like hedghogs of any kind. We have to ask Paris at this point. He was definitely not very hedgy.

        => Planet in our solar-systeem, discovered in 2003, don't you will find a hedgehog overthere.


2. Second person singularis, indicativus futurum (activum) : "you will be"

        => the verb "esse" could mean a lot of things, depends on conjugation, as a verbum substantivum for persons it means "exist".

        => like "cogito ergo sum" = I think so I exist (Descartes)

        => also used as a link-verb for indicativus futurum exactum passivum: auditus eris = "you will be heard".


auditus ero

auditus eris

auditus erit

auditi erimus

auditi eritis
auditi erint

3. Name of genus of some spooky looking spiders. No hogs here. Incarnation of the goddess?


By the way, Erinaceus is a hedgehog. Maybe it's nickname is Eris.

Well, I know a cat named Eris. She quarrels a lot.




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