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New History Books (April 2015)

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Hello everyone! Please see below the new releases of april 2015.


Learning Latin and Greek from Antiquity to the Present by Elizabeth P. Archibald

Wow. Don't know what to say.


One of the above authors, Pat Southern is a great scholar on Ancient Rome with brilliant insights, whose books I usually enjoy. But, I have to admit, the subject matter (the story of Roman bath) probably wouldn't hold my interest.


The last book by Elizabeth Archibald quickly lost my interest with this quote about the book:



In addition, a number of chapters address the experience of female learners, who have often been excluded from or marginalized by earlier scholarship.




Of the latest crop of books, only the Lindsay Powell book on Marcus Agrippa first grabs my attention.


That said, I have found in the past that many of the books on obscure topics have been surprisingly insightful and entertaining.


I must be getting old or something.



guy also known as gaius

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