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Roman Social War: Italian Bull Goring a Roman Wolf

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I was reading an interesting review of Mary Beard's SPQR:




This quote grabbed my attention:


During the social war, in the first century BC, Rome fought a glorified civil war with much of Italy (her former allies, socii, give the conflict its name). The allies mounted a propaganda battle, minting coins that showed an Italian bull goring a Roman wolf. “The coinage certainly blazons some anti-Roman imagery. But it was based entirely on the weight standards of Roman coinage, and many of the other designs were directly borrowed from Roman issues.” It’s a neat illustration of the problems that faced Rome’s enemies: even in insulting it, they couldn’t separate themselves from it.



Here are examples of the coins mentioned:








(Click images to magnify.)


While doing research on this subject, I found this old UNRV post from the past:




Here's a nice article about coinage from the social war:




Oscan anyone?



guy also known as gaius

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