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Roman Coin Hoard Found in Switzerland

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Good article on a recent coin hoard found in Switzerland. (Thanks to FitzNigel and Valentinian from cointalk.com for bringing this to our attention.):


A trove of more than 4,000 bronze and silver coins dating back to Ancient Rome was uncovered by a Swiss fruit-and-vegetable farmer in his cherry orchard.
The hoard has been described as one of the biggest finds of this kind ever to be unearthed in Switzerland.
Buried some 1,700 years ago, the coins collectively weigh 33lbs (15kg).


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Man, that would be a cool find!

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Perhaps. Sometimes it brings huge problems. One Hungarian or Romanian (I don't remember which) found a silver hoard in a quarry where he worked. He's dead now, murdered, and the hoard is locked away in London with a serious international legal wrangle over who actually has the right either to own or sell it.

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