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Gold Coins Possibly Mark Site of Battle at Teutoberg Forest

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Eight gold coins discovered in Germany mark the site of an ancient Roman massacre, archaeologists say 
  • Eight gold coins were discovered at Kalkriese archaeological site, Germany
  • Researchers say they were likely dropped in battle, or hidden intentionally
  • Coins feature Emperor Augustus on front, and Gauis and Lucius on back 




(click to see enlarged images.)



Once again, the numismatists have helped us understand and appreciate Ancient history. (Special thanks to Matt from cointalk.com for bringing this to our attention.)






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I wonder if that is near where a TV documentary showed loads of (silver?) coins found a couple years ago, and declared it the best guess for battle location. Or will there be an eternal hopscotch as more distant coin finds are made.


Regardless of the location, I recall several sources depicting Romans as kind of sabotaging themselves there with several poor decisions... same with some battles with Hannibal too. I forget the details, but they gave deja vu with various commercial air accident reports in the sense of there was not one, but a series of issues that went snafu.


The point being a professional Roman general or commercial pilot is too competent to respond badly to one simple issue. Rather it is when several issues come up together that they lose focus or get tricked. It is often underlined that airline crashes due to pilot error turn out to have multiple causes if you look hard enough, and maybe that could be a theme for a class project on Roman battle defeats too.

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