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Seleucia Pierea

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I am looking for information on Seleucia Pierea for a novel I am writing, circa AD 390.

I am seeking descriptions of the city and area surrounding it.

I would appreciate maps.  I once found one years ago that showed the run of the city's walls and major buildings, but I cannot find it again.

Link:  http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/draw/?zoom=8&center=36.123889,35.921944&marker=Seleucia Pieria  

Is the area, according to Google, but, if you zoom in, the harbor there does not seem to be in the area of the original harbor.

The original Roman harbor has silted shut.  The harbor I find on map searches does not appear to be near a  river, so I am wondering if the original harbor was south of the present one.  The closest river is the Orontes, but it is six miles south.  There is a channel, that looks man-made, about 1 1/2 miles south.  Perhaps that was the original course of the Orontes.

Any help is appreciated.



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