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mob = mob

The Hebrews of the bible appear to be paid.  It is not clear in what sense they were slaves.  I think they were indentured, that is the sense they were slaves.  They were indentured in the sense what the Pharoah wanted was a vaccine for sea anemone poison for the release of the jews. 

I have been told or have theorized in the past that a slave is someone who must worship the God of their sovereign against their will.  Silliness, the jews had their God, and the pharoah had his, Osiris. 

The word is legerdomain for those who must worship the God of their sovereign. 

I'm trying to remember a court decision, and its possible reversal.  I remember a peculiar decision "the people shall not be construed as to include the legerdomain of society."

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the people in Sapanish are "gente"

Is it possible that Etruscan was the lingua franca of the Roman empire? jus sanguinis and jus solis have posts discussing their modern significance on Youtube.  IIRC, that is not how these issues were spelled before.  jus sanguis and jus soilis, IIRC.

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