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Need information on emperor Cincinnatus for feature film

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Hi everyone.

I am a film producer/director. My company has received an opportunity to develop a project on emperor Cincinnatus, and if all goes well we might be working with Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. Looking on book sites and other online sources there aren't many books on him. Just to get a basic understanding of the character and subject is there any book you can guide me towards that is based on Emperor Cincinnatus?

Thank you, and much appreciated. 

PS: The only book in English I can find is this one:


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Cincinnatus was no "emperor" (?!), he was (probably) appointed suffect (substitute) consul of the Roman Republic in 460BCE upon the death of the sitting consul, and dictator in 458 to meet a military crisis.  He may  (possibly) have been dictator again in 439 to deal with the supposed usurpation of Spurius Maelius.  Cincinnatus was legendary for civic virtue and simple life, and was a strong opponent of plebian rights.  The story (legend?) is in Livy books iii and iv, and he is mentioned by Pliny and Cicero.

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