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the student who is winning the latin award is going into the sciences especially rocket science(or whatever branch that is called lol), can anyone recommend a book that would be a good gift for his future career?

maximas gratias 

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I agree with the idea of giving a book that deals with science in Ancient Rome

The problem with that idea, however, is the fact that most scientists (especially physicians) of Ancient Rome were of Greek descent and wrote in Greek (and not in Latin).

One book that I own (but have not read, yet) is "The Genesis of Science: The Story of Greek Imagination." Although the book does deal with mostly scientists from ancient Greece, it does include information about Greeks living in the Ancient Roman Empire.



Another possible book would be one about Eratosthenes who made a fairly accurate estimate about the size of the earth in 240 BCE. I have no book recommendation for that topic, however.


Good luck,


guy also known as gaius




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