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Chelmsford burnt by Boudica's warriors?

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Was Chelmsford burnt by Boudica's warriors? I recently read that Guy de la Bedoyere and John Waite have suggested so , as did Michael Wood?

I haven't read Tacitus or Dio Cassius mentioning this town before? Apparently an ancient Roman road was found heading out of London towards the now village of Chipping Ongar, a few miles west of Chelmsford.

Are there any other towns that are thought to have been attacked in the revolt of 61ad?

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Tacitus (xiv.31-33) says two Roman towns were destroyed by the rebels. Camulodunum (Colonia Victricensis) the provincial capitol - now, supposedly, Colchester; and the municipium Verulamium - southwest of modern St Albans.

London was also sacked and destroyed, and though it was a significant settlement (probably as populous as either of the others) it was not yet 'officially' a Roman town.

Cassius Dio also says two towns were destroyed, he took his account mostly from Tacitus.

A glance at the map shows Chelmsford in the path of destruction (between London and Camulodunum), and there was a settlement there in 61 (Caesarmagus).  So it may well have been destroyed in the revolt but was too small to be mentioned in the sources.

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