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Chainmail Armors Found in Bulgaria

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The chainmail armors have been found inside the Deultum fortress, close to its northern fortress wall.


“These chainmail armors were vertically leaned against the fortress wall, and when the wall collapsed, they were crushed down and into each other. They were still kept together by the leather underneath the small metal slabs, and that’s has resulted in the specific relief which can be seen in their sleeves," the archaeologist reveals further.

Part of the discovered chainmail slabs show traces of wood residue leading to the hypothesis that they had been stored in wooden chests


“It is fully possible that they might end up being classified as “Late Antiquity" (i.e. Late Roman), rather than “Early Byzantine". We now face the task of clarifying their dating, and figuring out whether these are two or three chainmail armors," she adds.




Two or three chainmail armors from the Late Antiquity previously unseen in Bulgaria have been discovered in the ancient and medieval city of Deultum close to the Black Sea coast. Photo: Desant


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