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Historical Fiction: Bandit King - Volume I: Promotus - AD 391

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I have just published my first Historical Fiction - Bandit King - Volume I: Promotus - AD 391.  [ISBN 9 781979 789295]

I first want to extend my warmest thanks for all the help I received here at UNRV in the research of my book and its time period.

It is the first in a series following the life / career of Alaric the Goth (AD 391 - 410).  

The book is free (kindle edition only, I think)  from 6 - 10 January, 2020.


I would appreciate your comments and opinions.  It is, of course fiction, but I tried to keep the setting as historically accurate as I could.  The only failing I had was trying to create the Goth's culture since so much as disappeared in the last 16 centuries.

Thank you for taking the time to read it.


Alaric-Cover-1-5-Volume 1.png

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