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Cicero was John Locke's Greatest Inspiration

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Great article from Libertarianism.org. about the influence of Cicero on John Locke and otehr Enlightenment thinkers.



Cicero climbed what was called the “Cursus Honorum,” the order of political offices held by aspiring politicians. Despite his family’s wealth, he was handicapped by his lack of noble ancestry, making him a Novus Homo, a ‘New Man’. Despite this, Cicero held every office of the Cursus Honorum and even became a consul, the highest position in Rome’s political hierarchy and which was held by only two men every year. The zenith of his career came during his consulship when he thwarted a conspiracy to overthrow the Roman Republic by disgruntled politician Catiline. His speeches condemning Catiline are masterworks of oratory. For his efforts he was awarded the title Pater Patriae, or ‘Father of the Fatherland’, the greatest achievement of his life.



Cicero provides the foundation of Locke’s political thought. Locke’s theory of natural law, the origins of the state, the organization of government, and the right to revolution are all deeply indebted to an implicitly Ciceronian framework.







guy also known as gaius

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