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The Roman Empire reborn?

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I have a thought experiment for you.  What would it take to have the Roman Empire (or Republic) make a comeback?  What bare minimums would recreate a recognizable Roman Empire?  Here are a few I brainstormed:

1. Must contain city of Rome

2. Latin official language of government

3.  Roman Senate active

4. Army using Roman terms. Legion = division, Cohort = battalion, century = company.  Dux = 3-star general, etc


Further questions:

1. Would there be an official religion?  I don’t think there would have to be.  Maybe nominally Catholic in the west.  Tolerance for all faiths would probably be the law.

2.  Who would be considered a citizen?  Everyone?

3.  Would slavery exist?  It’s hard to imagine Rome without it but the point of this experiment, after all, is a modern Rome.


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