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Pompeii: Ancient 'Fast Food' Counter

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Another stunning find from the recently excavated Regio V in Pompeii:




A street food stand from the recently excavated site in Pompeii:

Frescos on an ancient counter discovered during excavations in Pompeii, Italy




The food counter, known as a termopolium, would have served hot food and drinks to locals in the city.

The shop, with its bright frescoes and terracotta jars, was discovered in 2019 and unveiled on Saturday.


The paintings found at the site are believed to show some of the food that was on offer to customers, including chicken and duck.

Traces of pork, fish, snails and beef were also discovered in jars and other containers.




Summary: This shop seems to have offered a wide diversity of food: chicken and duck (depicted on the frescoes), as well as pork, fish, snails, and beef (bone and other remnants). It will be interesting to see what other foods will be discovered after the site undergoes more thorough DNA analysis.  




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Thanks for reading.


Other articles add these details:


Photos surface of a beautifully preserved ancient Roman fast food stand in Pompeii



The above fresco of a dog on a leash is accompanied by some graffiti scrawled into the surrounding frame (not visible here). The text reads "nicia cinaede cacator," which hilariously translates to "Nicias shameless shitter!" The Pompeii Sites article on the find speculates that the graffiti was left by a "prankster" who was making fun of someone who worked at the shop, perhaps the owner, named Nicias.




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This is an excellent video at the find in Italian.

To get the English translation:

Click Settings (lower right) -----> Subtitles ----> Italian (auto-generated) ----> Italian (auto-generated) ----> Auto-translate ---> English


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