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Rome's Augustus Mausoleum to open as museumm

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Another place to visit on my next trip to Rome, the nearly opened mausoleum of Augustus:


Hidden for 100 years and used as a rubbish tip, the restored mausoleum of the emperor Augustus reopens in Rome on 1 March in all its grandeur – and can be viewed online until travel is able to resume

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Like an ancient version of Sleeping Beauty’s palace, the Mausoleum of Augustus has laid hidden for almost one hundred years. Surrounded by cyprus trees and Mediterranean pines, and overtaken by vegetation, the sunken structure has long been a mystery in one of Rome’s most elegant districts. For decades it remained cordoned-off, a rubbish tip and place of congregation for stray cats and rough sleepers.

The mausoleum is overlooked no longer. Excavations began in 2007, but work began to gather pace around five years ago when the Italian telecommunications company TIM contributed €6m to the renovation. The largest circular tomb in the world, 87m in diameter, is finally due to open to the public today, in time for Rome’s birthday (21 April). 



Summary: When the world reopens, I expect the crowds to be overwhelming. Hopefully, I would find time in my trip to Rome to see this site finally opened to the public after years of neglect.


guy also known as gaius


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