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Wakefield village: archaeological dig

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Another interesting find. Hopefully more details will follow:




The team working on the site in Kinsley, near Fitzwilliam, said they had already made "exciting" discoveries on the site, including a rare kiln believed to date back to Roman times.

The important work could help unlock fresh insights into the lives of people living in the area up to 2,000 years ago.





Summary: Although the details are still lacking, this site will hopefully yield more interesting findings in the future.

I had to find Wakefield on the map. It is north of London (160 miles, 259 km), south of Hadrian's Wall (120 miles, 200 km):




guy also known as gaius

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Kilns? There have been hundreds of the things reported in my area and to the south. The area around Cunetio (near modern day Marlborough) was a known pottery centre, and more were found during the westward development at Swindon many years ago. Apparently Swindon (or Durocornovium as it was back then) had its own pottery style. Not successful in the pottery market however.

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