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Colosseum Floor Continues

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The engineering and architecture planning firm Milan Ingegneria  has won the bid to construct the retractable roof over the Colosseum in Rome.


The project should be completed by 2023. The mobile system will be able to quickly cover or uncover the underground structures below, to both protect them from rain or allow them to be aired out. The project is reversible, meaning it can be removed if plans for the Colosseum change in the future.

The new stage will allow visitors to stand in the center and view the Colosseum’s vaulted walls as they would have been seen by gladiators in ancient Rome. It also will permit the staging of cultural events that are respectful of the Colosseum as a symbol of Italy, Franceschini said.



This was previously discussed in an earlier thread:


Summary: Below is the project presentation by the winner of the project.


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I can only imagine even more throngs of tourists!  (if I could, I'd be one of them)

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