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Vikings: Ending stereotypes

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This article explores new insights into the Vikings:

“The team was able to sequence 442 Viking Age genomes from as far afield as Italy, Ukraine, and the doomed Viking settlements of Greenland.

“The study's co-author Professor Eske Willerslev told The Guardian, "Vikings are, genetically, not purely Scandinavian," and their most common hair color was actually not blond, but black. According to Science Magazine, ancient Vikings were even more likely to have black hair than modern Scandinavians or Danes today. This is because some people buried in Viking-style graves in Norway were found to be members of a group of Indigenous people called the Saami, who were genetically more closely related to East Asians and Siberians than modern-day Scandinavians, as the study reported.“





Summary: Through DNA analysis, we are able to gain new insights into ancient peoples.



guy also known as gaius

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We've known for some time that the Vikings were an inclusive cosmopolitan lot. Warrior tribes often are - it comes down to whether you like to fight more than your origin. For instance, research has pointed to the interesting high proportion of British women in the Iceland colonies, very likely slaves but possibly some were there by choice.

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