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Garum for sale (vegan and vegetarian)

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“Garum, reaching back to the Roman Empire, is traditionally a fermented sauce of fish, salt, and sometimes herbs. In Noma’s case, according to the Wall Street Journal, these garums will actually be vegetarian and vegan, respectively”


Smoked mushroom garum being prepared for the fermentation process. PHOTO: DITTE ISAGER

To make these non-fish garums, the ingredients — mushrooms and egg whites, in this case — are brewed in a warm solution of koji rice, the grains inoculated with an edible mold. According to the WSJ, Noma Projects will release more garums once the first two are out in the world, including one flavored intensely with roasted chicken wings. “






First up, Project 1: Noma’s line of garums. Our take on a thousand-year-old culinary tradition that we’ve been developing over the past two decades. They’re potent umami-rich sauces and they’ve been the key to our success at Noma in our vegetarian and vegan menus.

Later this year, we will launch two of our favorite garums – Smoked Mushroom Garum (vegan) and Sweet Rice and Egg Garum (vegetarian).

Ferments are currently brewing and will be ready to ship later this year.

Sign up below for first access to preorder.


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