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Tomb of Alexander the Great’s mother found?

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I’m not sure whether they really found the tomb of Olympias, mother of Alexander the Great and wife of Phillip  II (King of Macedonia). But it makes for a great story.




Following archeological excavations carried out at the Tomb of Korinos in northern Greece, Emeritus Professor Athanasios Bidas confirmed that the tomb of the wife of King Philip and mother of Alexander the Great, Olympias, has been found.



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Professor Worthington’s arguments against the tomb’s belonging to Olympias are persuasive:

“ Ian Worthington, a professor of ancient history at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, expressed doubts that this is the tomb of Olympias. Ancient sources, Worthington noted, were clear that Cassander did not allow Olympias a proper burial; and since Cassander was afraid of rebellions, he would have barred such a tomb that could be used to rally Cassander's opponents. By the time Cassander died in 297 B.C., almost 20 years had passed since Olympias' death; Worthington said he doubts that someone would go to the trouble of building an elaborate tomb by that point. 

Additionally, Worthington notes that just because the tomb is large does not mean that whoever was buried in it was noble. In fact, he said, a large tomb could be had by anyone with enough wealth to build it. "You could be wealthy but not necessarily noble," said Worthington. Another problem is that Olympias was originally from Epirus, in northwestern Greece. If someone wanted to give her a proper burial, Worthington thinks that it's more likely they would have brought her home to Epirus rather than bury her close to where she was killed.“




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