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Greek Immigrant in Roman-Era London Amulet to Ward Off Plague

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The lead scroll with Ancient Greek writing, found in an amulet belonging to the ancient Greek man Demetrios, 160 AD warding off the plague.

This interesting amulet was found on the banks of the Thames river. It has been dated to late 160s AD, during the Antonine plague.

A Greek inhabitant of the Roman city of Londinium in the late 160s, named Demetrios, lived through the Antonine plague — or at least part of the plague — which he tried to ward off by wearing a scroll with a Greek prayer in the form of rhyming hexameters.”

“This written plea for protection from the “raging” plague, which he said caused “flesh-wasting, melting, infiltrating pain,” was addressed to the ancient Greek deities Iao, Sabbath and Abrasax.

In the heart-rending text, the ancient Greek man begs the deities to ‘watch over Demetrios.’“




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