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Guest Quintilius Varus

Armor Venue is Open for Business

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Guest Quintilius Varus

Hey everybody,


I am happy to say that a new site- Armor Venue- is up and running. Go to www.armorvenue.com to check it out. We offer authentic, high quality Roman armor, swords, shields, pilum, and helmets at great prices. We also have an entire line of medieval, Greek, and Viking/Norman products as well. As our site is new, we will be expanding and updating our site frequently in the coming months adding new and improved products.


I will be posting new products and special offers here on this forum. If you are interested, please feel free to go check it out!


John Hilde

Armor Venue

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Awesome site. I asked my wife for 400 bucks for some Segmentata, she said no.....I'll work on her though



My wife said I could build a Roman soldier, on the condition I don't get more than one piece per month. What's been stopping me is that I can't find a decent mannequin at a reasonable price. Since I'm 76 inches tall, and almost 300 lbs, there's no chance I'll ever wear the stuff, and it seems ridiculous to start buying before I have a place to display it. ;)

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