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Roman law!

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Hello everyone, as usual it is a pleasure to be among people with such vast knowledge of my favorite topic-Rome of course. During my forum surfing I continue to find that close to everyone seems to think that Roman law was perhaps their most significant contribution to the modern world. Being a bit dumb on the subject, I was curious if anyone could recommend some good reading concerning Roman law, and possibly Roman law and its influences on the modern world. Only recently have I begun to hit the books a little harder, and I am eager to learn more about this particular subject. Thank you.

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Well MPC's link brings up a 404 for me but here is a link to the twelve tables which are the foundation of Roman law as far as I know http://infomotions.com/etexts/gutenberg/di...14783/14783.htm ,obviously it evolved but some of it is fair I think even by modern standards. I would like to hear some informed posts about lawyers and legal procedures too. Cicero was a great lawyer and a lot of his trial speeches survive,some of them during the Sulla era, his defense of Sextus Roscius was brilliant I think and yeah he got him off! No small feat when it was said Sulla himself attended the trial :lol: Here is his speech BTW http://www.uah.edu/student_life/organizati...oamerino1e.html

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Will Durant gives numerous references to Roman law during the Republic, and Empire in his great The Story of Civilization ~ Caesar and Christ (CaC)

He is both elegant and eloquent in his description of the meaning of Roman law for its times and its future role in history to come, as we might expect from a philosopher and a historian.


Caesar and Christ at Amazon.Com: click HERE


Click here for a REVIEW of CaC

From his remarks it appears the reviewer of CaC would prefer a more narrative historical accounting. But Durant

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