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Greatest Roman Generals?

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Hmm, hard to choose for me, someone betwen

-Scipio Africanus - he deal excelent with Hannibal and Carthage, and was probably the mastermind behind his brother who was in charge when romans defeated seleucids, as well he seed the roots for the later Marius reform of roman army

-Caesar - all well known about him

-Traian - defeated the last two important enemies of Rome at that time, Dacia and Parthia, and spread the empire at its largest, the peak of roman power.

-Caius Marius - make the reform of the roman army, crushed the Cimbrii and Teutonii at Aque Sixtie and Vercellae, defeated Jughurta in Africa

-Flavius Aetius -"the last of the romans", manage to assure the survival of western roman empire during his time, dealing with germanics and huns, and was the one who defeated the feared huns in one of the most important battles of late ancient times

-Belisarius - the one who come close to restore the old empire, reconquering large parts of the western one, and defeating a lot of diferent ebnemies with smaller resources

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I have to go with Scipio and not for the reason that he defeated Hannibal as I haven't looked at Zama in any detail. It was Ilipa that did it for me. A stroke of utter genius.


I like Caesar for his headless chicken act, rushing from place to place, continually having to pull his backside out of a fire, but I don't see him having done anything to match Scipio.


The rest, I need to do some more research.

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i have to credit you agrippa, with being the no. 1 military man. i mean you pwned sextus pompey twice when octavian couldn't even avoid getting pwned every couple of months by a storm, and then you showed antony who was boss. and i'm sure you smacked some random tribes in spain and illyricrum around too. but kudos on being the only good general not to die in the civil wars (taurus dont count).

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