Roman History Short Story #8 - Adam Yuhasz - 1600 words

Part One

Sleep tight little one - Have no worries at all You're safe my young son Behind Hadrian's Wall.

As I kiss your little head - And grasp your hand so small I leave your bed - Behind Hadrian's Wall.

I look in on my wife - In our bed seems so small - She's the love of my life - Behind Hadrian's Wall.

I exit the door - I walk down the hall - And look down at my floor - Behind Hadrian's Wall.

I fight for honor,

I fought the Gauls,

Now a warrior,

Upon Hadrian's Wall.

Ramparts ascended,

Stones piled so tall,

My journey is ended,

Upon Hadrian's Wall.

As I lean my head,

Against the wall,

I dream of my bed,

Upon Hadrian's Wall.

I dream of Rome,

Her domain over all,

I dream of home,

Upon Hadrian's Wall.

At first a peep,

Now a loud call,

An army now creeps,

Toward Hadrian's Wall.

I fly down the stairs,

Too quick to fall,

For an army now bears,

Toward Hadrian's Wall.

The men are gathering,

And I explain to them all,

The Picts are advancing,

Toward Hadrian's Wall

We march out the gate,

I glimpse of them all,

As they walk to their fate,

Toward Hadrian's Wall.

I assume my position,

And hope I don't fall,

As I'm now on a mission,

Before Hadrian's Wall.

They let up their advance,

Their numbers not small,

Wearing womanly pants,

Before Hadrian's Wall.

The trumpet now blasts,

We march down to maul,

The army which attacks,

Before Hadrian's Wall.

The battle now rages,

Brave warriors us all,

A fight for the ages,

Before Hadrian's Wall.

Part 2.

As I lay here dying,

Breath shorter with time

I look down to my wounds,

My stomach's now gone.

As I lay down in the grass,

Looking up to the sky,

I pray to the gods,

To look after my wife.

I can smell her hair,

With lavender and thyme,

Curled up in a bun.

I call out for my wife

To take care of our son,

Let him grow strong,

Respect his elders,

And bring honor.

My eyes grow heavy,

My limbs grow weak,

I find it harder to speak.

Please my dear love,

Please do not weep.

I died for my family,

My hearth and my home

But most of all, I died for the glory of Rome.

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Aki Greus
Andrew Moore
Peter Ponjaert
Matt Gallivan
Pompeius Magnus
Lee Dixon
Adam Yuhasz
Martin Stubbs
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Mathew DeLiso

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