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A Friend Of Mine

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Sextus Roscius


Ah, alas, I haven't written on this lovely blog of mine for a while, but I'm coming back to it with the start of the new year. With the new year, new relevations have come about me.


Among the strangest of these, is I've realized that I have a friend, who is an almost exact personification in what I see wrong with lots of things, other kids my age more specificaly.


Let me set the picture for you, she is a relitively successful student. She does not fail, but she does not ace every class. Some how she has managed to make it to my grade with little set backs. She exhibits little force in her school work, and cares little for it. She is pretty, which may be the only thing that has kept her from being hated by anyone and everyone in the school. She has just moved from california, and hates north carolina, saying most things here are stupid compared to her great Bay Area. She lives in the same Neighborhood as me, which is a neighborhood for the upper ranges of the middle class. This means she gets everything she wants pretty much.


This girl also is very populare with many of the boys, mainly becuase she is pretty and dumb, which seems to, for some reason that has no particular appeal to me, be a positive thing in her mind. She is ultimatly, the person who would much rather look at pictures of boys, and I mean the wierd, dumb, ignorant, yet some how attractive to girls type, who make it by with realitively the same circumstances and abilities as the girl I speak of, rather than have an inteligent conversation with some one else.


Her attitude is almost a perfect reflection of pop culture in my opinion. Vulgar, stupid, physicaly, not mentaliy appealing ideas and thoughts expressed by music, movies, general attitude of the movie and music stars, and other things related.


I apologize for the jumble of different info with little organization, I write this in the moment of thinking.

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It seems like you have a crush. Naw, just kidding. You know, you're not the only person. It's actually kind of common, well to me. I don't know about you, but perhaps I call this being teenagers. Girlfriends, friends, et alia.

Anyways, at least you have a beautiful friend, I seem to hardly find anyone at all. :P

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yes yes, all well and good, but I perfer brains over beauty any day... and she has no brains wat so ever. I just write this as I don't have a crush on her. Such is being a teenager I suppose, curse puberty for befuddling my brain!

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