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My Politics

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Sextus Roscius


Ah, so I am confronted so oftenly now with where I stand politicaly. Of course, like all things there is a history to this, and I beleive I am now beleiving in a form of democratic socialism (by some people's standards) though I have found no political party in existance that matches what I beleive. Well, as far as my political beleifs, they've gone through several phases:


1. First off, I cared nothing for politics. This was as a young child. I lived in the "bubble" of early childhood with little to know exposure to the out side world. I supported my parents as all young children, in being a democrat, though I had little intrest in things at all. I remeber to this day what I said 6 years ago durring the 2000 elections. "So dad, his name is george, like you, does that mean we like him?" and I was so severly disinterested that I thought some one was better becuase of their name. Looking back I understand where I was coming from, back then I was still faintly part of the youth that would become what teenagers are today. Uncaring in general for the "outside" world and had no idea how it affects my life. To summarize, I was a democrat without knowing. If some one had asked me, thats how I would've replied.


2. Eventually I grew more and more fansinated with history. My world war 2 loving friend had influenced me in many ways I didn't realize at the time, also at this time I was agnostic, and I still beleived partialy in that what was going on with the president was a good things, and unexposed to the negative consequences of it for our nation, I half supported the president. Though my thoughts and ideas were overlooked by myself and I considered democrats to be superior without any explanation, such is a common occurence for younger children. So in this case, I was starting to see som evils in what had happened, though also some goods. All said and through, i was still learning about the world. Learning more and more in specific about Rome and WWII. Both are histories full of fantastic good and horrible evil, I also was just begining to have a middle ground between good and evil, and so I had trouble recognizing something. Still, through and through I was a democrat, but influenced by some republican Ideals that made sense to me.


3. My third stage of political development was in 5th and sixth grade. It was then that I was fully capable of realizing good and evil, and was forming my own philsophies on life. Things I could more and more identify with the ideas of people I consider "greats" though my standard of judging is different than some in judging great, becuase "great" implies no meaning of good or evil, and so I took the good asspects from both the good and the evil to form my own philosophies. Learning what worked and didn't work, and how to use that to my advantage. Also learning more and more about WWII and especialy Rome, Rome was my favorite and best subject through and through.


Loving all things Roman I indulged my self in it, looked for anything I could find, and read it. Learned from it, watching documentaries in my spare time for entertainment. Absolutely obsessed. Through doing all of this, I came to my current philosphy which is still developing. I came to my beleif that a two party government is wrong, and is not effective. I also came to learn, that a democratic government, can not be overthrown. A person can not destroy a democracy as though they can destroy a regime. I also learned how the Roman republic was a sucessful way of government, and that (through my athiestic policies) that people can be made to beleive anything if taught it from a young age, and that human faith is not divine in any way, and that I bleive that man created god in it's own form (that is argueable) and not the other way around.


So that is where I stand now, in the third stage. Now developing my philsophies and working towards my own goals. That is where I stand. Neither with Democrats or Republicans. I beleive in sort of a middle ground of the parties, and a different form of government. So that is where my political opinions are now, and how I got there.

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