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Can't Find A Reason...

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Sextus Roscius


I've scoured my mind for reasoning, none to be found. Looked to different philosophies, nothing to help me. Finaly I resorted to seeing what they actually say in health class, not too much help either.


I can't figure it out with that girl, so enigmatic and attracting, but gosh darn it my feelings are just stupid childish things, no reasoning to it at all. I've come to the conclusion that its hormones acting up in my teenage years, curse them for befuddling my thinking. Pretty sure I suppose I'm going to break my regamen and have to indulge myself in more serious relations with the opisite sex, though no one seems for me.


Such are the menial problems of a teenager. We are so silly, making big deals over small matters like this... ah... alas.... my problems are silly, and I shouldn't be so worried about this. Its just got me thinking, our my philosophies of life and the doctrine by which I live so strict, and that I deny myself so many things that other chlidren my age indulge in freely, that I'm the one at fault. Perhaps, but for now I'm still thinking...

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Haha, hormones. Yeah, every teengager suddenly goes from one moment as really not caring much about others to what the hell, I still don't have a girlfriend. Don't worry, by no time, you'll get the girl. All you have to do is get noticed by her, just do something stupid to make her laugh is my way. :) Just kidding, really don't do that.

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I have plenty of girlfriends and have been married twice. Trust me when I say its not all its cracked up to be, you're better off having a wank!

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