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    What Would You Be In Roman Society....

    i grew up around sword fighting for reasons that i won't explain to you now, but anyway so i either want to be a gladiator or a soldier. if i was a soldier probaly one of high rank. all that practice with wooden poles better pay off
  2. Iuvius Maximus


    you mean the special addition one that was added in 1990 because when the movie was first released the original reel had scenes that refered to communism, homosexuality..etc, etc. yes i have its better because it shows the socialy acceptance in the roman times and the change it has made when a movie about classical period is released those views aren't accepted. that scene where crassus is talking to antonitus about whether he likes crab or (something else, anyway that is not the point. the point is that he his talking about bisexuality when he says he pefers both.
  3. Iuvius Maximus

    Roman Arrows

    my close uncle is an archeoligist, i think i could show you some of the stuff he found in france
  4. Iuvius Maximus

    Military Styles

    im just wondering, are you ssaying you dislike the cataphract because it flaws the pinnacle of perfection or are you saying... i dont know what you mean.
  5. im not really fond of Constatine's victories either
  6. Iuvius Maximus

    The Greatest Roman General

    why do people underestimate Scipio Africanus's talent as a great general here is some facts that convinced me to thinking that he is a better general. 1)He and Hannibal met on three occasions, one of those occasions, after the battle of Zama, Scipio asked Hannibal who he thought the greatest Military leader of all time was, Hannibal said Alexander the Great, then Scipio asked who he thought the second best was (clearly, Scipio was looking for a compliment) Hannibal replied... .... idk his name right now but will get the book again , finally Scipio asked who the third greatest was He said Scipio, because he could defeat himself. And also he would he would have put himself at the top if Scipio hadn't won at the battle of Zama, then Hannibal would have put himself at the top because he would be able to defeat the great Scipio. :2guns:
  7. Iuvius Maximus


    I have seen that pepsi commercial. It is funny. i even downloaded it just for laughs. for the other comment about Sulla not crossing the Rubicon...with all due respect, because your are a lot higher and probaly a lot more knowledgable in this tobic, that reference to Sulla in that movie, Crossing the Rubicon was like a metaphor for trying to take over the Republic
  8. I was wondering cause i have to give a opinion in my class, what was Constatine's real stand, because he turned Cristian only at his death, but still promoted it while he was polytheistic. Another cool fact is that the monks in the basement of the church in the vatican also make new words in latin, to keep up with the times. words like Computers, Cars, etc. that have to do with new technology iuvius maximus
  9. Iuvius Maximus


    if you notice they are very historically correct. crassus talks about Sulla crossing the rubicon i think this movie is worth of note
  10. Iuvius Maximus

    The Names Of The Roman Aristocrats

    Gracchus, Gnaeus Pompey Marcus Aonelius
  11. Iuvius Maximus

    Battlefield Tactics

    i agree. moving too many troops will de-mobilize your army. Alexander the Great used this tatic a lot , especially in the battle of gaugamela. Having a mobile army terrain- can do serious damage if your troops are not in position. also the less you know the land the worse. the more is better. this can help when flanking a enemy. also with guerilla tatics , it is key to know the land better than your enemy. even without guerilla tatics comunication is also a good thing to have and also formation which is kinda , formation also can weaken parts of the enemy's lines, so you can close in on them