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  1. military

    Blow Off Class...

    You know beer can kill you and can also lower your grades? -military
  2. military


    Thanks for all of the posts. This really helped me alot.........
  3. military

    Roman Cavalry

    i know how you feel. in fourth grade i was terrible at it. now, i have a vocabulary as big as a college student's! (or so people tell me)
  4. military


    thanks for the heads-up. I'll look into shield tactics abit more. I know that the spainish devised a shield so small, it was barely bigger then a clinched fists, used but troops trained to get inbetween a phalanx's pikes and could deliver a nasty punch, if used that way. But i still thinking (at the moment) that thats not the shields' primary function. Afterall if we are including anything which can be a weapon, then anything can count as a weapon, pens, keys, bread-knife and it makes the whole thing a lot more complicated. After all, discipine, ideaology and leadership can all be counted as weapons if u stretch the concept far enough. Alitte of topic i know, but i'm just sayin i choose spear on it's primary function, and although the shield can be nasty in the right hands (or wrong hands, depending on how u look at it), it's not primarily a weapon. Or am i alone on this one? True but they did face their fair share of quality bad guys too. Romans aren't the only empire to include highly quality troopers well, thanks for the dicussion. I needed most of that and one of my friends will love the info I got for him! -military
  5. there were so many different weapons in the ancient roman times. which one was your favorite? mine is the ballista/catapult. amazing how smart they were, isn't it?
  6. military

    Worst Roman Punishment?

    isn't that punishment pretty muchdeath since most people couldn't swim? -military ouch -military