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    I like to reinact old battle scenarios, I'm very interested in the Roman Military, The Lord of the Rings and the US Military.
  1. Centurion Legioneer

    Roman Military Superiority

    I chose the Training and Movement tactics, because your army may have good leadership, or weaponry and armor, but without the necessary training. Your army will never be able to fight to its full potential.
  2. Centurion Legioneer

    Architecture & Technology Forum?

    I think it is a good idea. Many of the ideas created by the Romans and others of the time, have bee elaborated upon and used today.
  3. Centurion Legioneer

    Site Outages, Poor Performance, Etc.

    Yeah I got on and thought that the site was gone, but it awesome though that its back up.
  4. Centurion Legioneer

    What's Up With That?!

    Yes generals may look good by what they have learned from books and school, but commanding, and winning a battle is the ultimate test. When a general does that, they are now(in my opinion, worthee of commanding the fine roman soldiers)
  5. Centurion Legioneer

    Romans: What Made Them Better Fighters ?

    Yes, that is true caldrail. But by what do you mean skivers?
  6. Centurion Legioneer

    If Celts Or Germanic Tribes Use Of Cavalry

    Yes, I agree with you, the Celts and the Germans favoured combat off of horseback, showing their bravery and sometimes skill.
  7. Centurion Legioneer

    How To Rotate The Men Of The Cohors

    I like the visual aid but is this switching during battle or not?
  8. Centurion Legioneer


    Chariots when used in the right scenarios could be very effective war machines. Though the chariot needed level ground to ride upon. It lacked armor, comprimising protection for speed. If the horse was taken out the charoit was nearly useless, besides protection as barrier. The chariot could only carry 2 people, and was often used just for mobile archer and scouting. When a Chariot was used, in the right place, fixed with the right equipment, it could rule the field. Chariots armed with blades fixed to their wheels, may have been pretty good against infantry, but when the infantry was amred with spears, it was suicide for the people in the chariot. Though when armed with spears, it was also used as a scary tactic.
  9. Centurion Legioneer

    How Bloody Was The Arena?

    Well I believe that the bloodiness of the fights would depend on a number of variables. Such as the number of gladiators, the animals (Tigers, Lions), and if they decided if they live..or die.
  10. Centurion Legioneer

    Praetorian Guard

    You made a good point Neos Dionysos, the Praetorean guard did not fight in any battles, unless defending the Emporer in Rome, or on Campaign. An in the beginning of the Roman Empire, they were hand picked but towards the end of the empire, they were just soldiers picked to be, not based on how good they were.
  11. Centurion Legioneer

    Surender Not Acceptable

    Well, I don't know about that, but I was just elaborating on some info, given in an earlier post.
  12. Centurion Legioneer


    I do not believe that the Parthians used slings against the Macedonians. I think the Parthians had archers, lots of them.
  13. Centurion Legioneer

    What's Up With That?!

    Yes the Romans were taught about the miliatry from an early age. But certain Roman commanders, lacked actual combat experience. Thats a good thought you brought up though.
  14. Centurion Legioneer


    Slingers were deadly to military units, unprotected by a shield or armor. Slingers were very affective against calvary, and the battle where, Alexander moved his slinger behind his calvary, while moving laterally. When ready Alexander broke off with his calvary, and his slinger made sort work of the persian calvary and infantry in range.
  15. Centurion Legioneer

    Unarmed Combat Training

    Yes, at certain times Roman soldiers were denied sex, or the presence of woman. Though after besieging a town, I doubt that the Roman soldiers would be denied that unless told other wise by their Centurion. Very good point though caldrail.