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    Hmm my history books must be wrong. Mine tell me when Rome fell, the Legions packed thier bags and left while the people intermingled/jonied the Celtic tribes ..... that they were never defeated 9at least on the Isles) Look at Ireland, still its language is very very similar to the old tongue. Celts prevailed in teh end, maybe not in Gaul and Germania and Iberia, but Brittania, Eire, Caladonia 9and darn I forget Wales latin name)
  2. Chyhoedd da

    Talk About Druids.

    Hello, IM a player waiting for the game Roma-Victor to comeout. I wish to establish a Druidic cult (Not neo-pagan, neo-druid, wiccan or such) that will Rolepaly as Druids did then. So far there is only one Celtic Cult, and many agree, like Moonlapse that they do not particpate in many activities. Though from my interpretations, they (Druids) were very active in their times. (The game is set in 180ad) Now, what I have come to understand is that oak trees are sacred to them and that the word druid may have come from an earlier form of a name for oaks. Also, oak grove were holy places, like temples to many other religions. It seems they veiws Mistltoe as a sortof of all-healing plant and used it in many of thier concotions (even poison) Also Mistletoe was even holier if found onan oak (holy object on holy object= very holy) Now, an interesting part I learned and need some wuestions on too. The druids cut the mistletoe with a golden sickle or blade (Why?) now, befoer the commenced to cutting the Mistletoe, they laid a white blanket under it where it should fall. If it diddnt fall on blanket, meant destruction of village("May I order some sacrafices to prevent the destruction please?" ) Whas i would like to know is: What they wore? (I've only seenwhite robes mentioned) What they did in day-to-day life? (not ceremonies) Were they paid? (whether gold or items) Religous places? ( I have oak groves and near water ) Also I would like to know about bards and healers back then too. If you have any comments or questions post here.
  3. Chyhoedd da

    Online Games

    I agree with Viggen's Primus, if you want a good, historic, fun-filled game. This is the one. Heck seeing how good you keep the forum up here, they may make you a mod on there, and perhaps if you want to play, since you hold such vast knowledge of Roman things, they could make you a teacher(a questgiver in a way). Though, you never know. The game is currently not out yet so you can't play it now, though its been in production several years, some people have been stubborn enough to stay with it since 2001 It is supposed to be released when the Develpoers released it. Though, they've said around April, though as far as October.
  4. Chyhoedd da

    Sectarian Violence/civil War In Iraq?

    I think by supporting the oppressed, the gap between them was grown much farther then anyone ever thought. I think this may turn into a French or Russian revolution. The peasants/serbs are the Shias and kurd while the king/czar(tzar) are the Sunnis. Well, this seems to be a twisted dog fight, take out the big dog (Saddam) and give the other dogs some food and rest (Consitution and Democracy) and watch the fight begin. Im betting no survivors in this match, for the last standing will most likely die of blood loss and many scars. I guess the if the JEws feel the same way as Muslims feel about them they are very eager to see this battle unfold, and maybe by chance swoop down lkike vultures and take prizes of war.
  5. Chyhoedd da

    Celts And 'human Sacrifice'? (bog Bodies)

    Im asuming that since Bogs are like swamps (watery) they were sacred to Celts. Perhaps some of thsoe (unharmed, or slightly, such as disease) decided to use the bogs to go to the Otherworld (Watery places were believed to be portals) So maybe this was like Christains burying thier dead to go to heaven. Also, what date did you say these dated around too? Becuase some bodies have been found dating to around 50 ad (or bc, i forget) .... around the time of Roman Invasion of Brittian. those volunteered to sacrafice themselves(to gods?) as to help thier tribe fend off the invaders. Though the mutilation of the bodies, I have no idea, they werent prizes of war, for they still had thier heads. Maybe this was an assisted suicide? Perhaps these celts seeing that they could not fight (or be of any use) (perhaps caused by battle) decided to die so that they could go to the Otherworld (the Irish Otherworld was much like Valhalla, and getting there (demanded?) that one die fighting or by a weapon Maybe the decaption of the body at certain places was an early like form of head-hunting or perhaps those parts were symbols of something which the sacraficee (ed) beleived would be giving to them ... such as strength.
  6. Chyhoedd da

    David Irving Jailed For 3 Years

    Is the Austrian Holocuast law wrong? Yes. Is Irving cry foul, or pleading innocence? No. Should Irving be pardoned? No. he knew the law, he even talked to one of his friends before leaving about it ... forgert the exact lingo but he said something around the extent of "It would be jolly good fun" (He liked the risk) Should it be illegal to say the Holocuast never existed? No. By the way, do foriegners (I may me saying wrong stuff here) Such as those from Communist countries or those brought up by a perverted education system (usually totalarian) get persectued if they were never taught of holcuast ( I dont know if some countries dont teach this)? Or what if somebody was raised in on of the Neo-Nazi enclaves (America has those, like Nazi youth camps) ... would they be persecuted since they were tuaght incorrect information? I know at the exposion of the camps, many Germans couldnt beleive it, they were oblivious (i said many, not all) .... did those who still not believe it 9perhaps because of Nationalism) get persectuted?
  7. Chyhoedd da

    Restoring The Hagia Sophia

    Ah ok, thank you for correcting me Viggen, I had always learned that Napoleans (or some french guys) practice at the Sphinx and that is how the nose was ruined. Perhaps American education isnt all good after all. Well, the Hagia Sophia has been burnt/crumbled/destroyed many times, so that day is one of many. Though I thought it was built by the Byzantines, captureed by the Greeks, and Then Captured by the Turks. So I may have assumed s0ome Greek hodlings as Byzantium, to me they (cultures) are similar. I veiw as the people on the blog as religous fanatics. Fanatics can only be happy in total dominance or in death. Here are things I disagree with what they say: It sounds to me that the Turks have not only maintained the structure, but also added onto it, making its beauty even more. I think out of respect and the desire for thier people and everybody else in the world, they opened its doors so that all can behold its beauty. Not just Greek Orthodox or Muslims, but also Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, Pagans, and many others. Also this was used as a Mosque for around 500 years, so this is one of thier holy places. What is wrong with this? They do not want the bulding to be a monument, preserved, so that manygenerations can see the Byzantium power and might? We should preserve it as a museum so that its stay if long and peaceful.
  8. Chyhoedd da

    Restoring The Hagia Sophia

    Well it looks like many of you are Orthodox, and cant see any other veiw. - The Hagia Sophia has been in Turkish hands longer then the greeks. - If the Hagia Sophia must be turned over to Orthodox church, why not turn over the pentacles the Romans took back to the Egyptians? - The poll probally (and hopefully) wont work. Even if it does, most likely over 90% of the people who voted "Yes" would never set eyes upon it in real life. - Religion in todays politics should be eliminated, unless the country is a theocracy. - Why not restore the Sphinx of Egypt, which the french "altered" ... That is older then the Hagia Sophia. - It is sad to see famous places dwindle in thier state, but the Hagia Sophia isnt in bad shaope, it is well-preserved, and anyways there is no reason that the CHURCH (who wants world peace) would hinder world peace (EU) for one STRUCTURE! - Where may I ask are the links about Hagias Sophia's poor-state? ... Last I knew it was doing fine and well. - The Turkish would not want such a structure to go to ruin, for it is also a historic monument for them. They used it for a mosque for over 500 years and finally made it a museuem so that all could see its beauty. - We are lucky into todays world, for there are no crusades or holy wars (not counting fanatics, not enough of them, and that is good) .... if European Nations in the EU would deny an Islamic country entry into there organization over a religous structure that would sure diminish the EU's honor and image while probally causing a chain reaction of declining ISlamic friendliness. Let it still be a museum. If the Church wishes to donate, then donate money as anyone else would ... in a box. The church most likely has strings attached to thier offer, like focusing on primarily christian things. Still, I would like to see these links complaining of the Hagia Sophia's state.
  9. Chyhoedd da

    Restoring The Hagia Sophia

    I side with the Turks. a) They won it. Constantano;le wasnt a push-over either. The Building shouldnt be handed over to a religous group. c) The Church would probally remove many Islamic themes under the guise of "Restoring it to its original state" d) This shouldnt be a cause for the EU to deny Turkey into thier organization e) It would be like the Allied powers after WWII .... "Oh hi Pakistan, we just took over half your land, most of it fertile, also you get new neigbors ... jews ... you know your old buds?" This looosely links to the Divinci code in which the Church wants to be restored to its earlier power (Contental Dictatorship) by controlling all religous sites and removing non-christains people and things from them. Though when it comes to supper, I'd choose beef any day over turkey.
  10. Chyhoedd da

    Da Vinci Code Movie

    I think the main thing is is that the Catholic are bad guys in the book .... or atleast the radical group which in the book alot of Catholics liked. Also one of the "devout" christians (the albino) took part in dself-torture when he did something wrong. Hmmm lemme see what else, the badguys (radical group) were friends of the Pope, so maybe the readers think that the author infers tbat the pope has bad friends. Also in the book it said that Jesus made Mary pregnant which if you followed would mean that Jesus loved Mary as much as Joseph did (get my drift?) The Church also looks greedy and wants to destroy all things related to Mary's pregnancy. The book hits the Church hard on alot of things, so maybe christains hate seeing thier once-a-week pastime made looking like sludge. Though notice like the Bible, Koran, Torah, or any other book it doesnt say in the begining "Based on a True story, or True Story" (I agree with Primus, I mean) So in my opinion, all religious text are as true as the as white is black. I think people mainly got mad becuase it had lots of famous people (Benjamin Franklin, Davinnci, Isaac Newton) as athiest who opposed the church and tryed to resist the church and in davinci's case, paganize the christain art. Though since most havent read it I wont say much more.
  11. Chyhoedd da

    Da Vinci Code Movie

    I loved the book. Wonderfully written and factual (not all of it, but it makes some stuff that you can grasp how some things were like (Celtic ideaology) Celts were really Matriarchal (Women slept with around 12 men .... she had the right too ... I dont know if a man could sleep with 12 women) In my opinion the books revolves around women. That may why many are outraged. Discrimination against women still exist today even today, not only in 3rd world countries but world powers. Though the gap between men and women is much shorter then it has ever been. Perhaps we are offended by the Book because it APPRECIATES women, not make then objects or toys. Also, many of are christain (and if European, most likely Catholic) so your natural instinct (Reminds me of the GAS laws in Pyschology, oh I hope i get them right) Stage 1 - Deciding whether to ruhn or fight (Most case are fight ... Christains oppose suggestinos that the Church has done evil deeds) Stage 2. - Adrenaline rush (This may be at same time as Stage 1 to help yo urun/fight) (This would concern the zealous opposition to the book, evne if you dont know exactly why) Stage 3. - FIGHT! (This is were you openly oppose it /talk about it) Stage 4. -Run (if failed) Stage 5. - Rest (Exhausted by lost of Adrenaline ... sortof like a "I dont care anymore"
  12. Chyhoedd da

    Unrv Shares About To Go Through The Roof

    Bought like alot of shares of UNRV. Also bought Roma-Victor shares ... (link is www.roma-victor.com) Moonlapse, your biatach-tuath site is on a list of "similar sites" but it wont work
  13. Chyhoedd da

    Burial Or Cremation?

    That was another one of my ideas .... in away. My thing was if you saw me on the side of the road or on it, just kick me or roll me into a ditch or such.
  14. Chyhoedd da

    Burial Or Cremation?

    Fire would be a waste of wood. Burial a waste of Land. I would prefer (which actually is scary, becuas eI found many family members wanted simliar burials) to be tied to a rock and trown to the oceans deep. - Food for fish - Calcium for animals and unlike most people.... - No grave robbers
  15. I voted Celts. I agree Lacertus of Tuath. You can tell the whole story (example: roman empire) with only one veiw-point/ one-sided arguments/facts.