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  1. brotus maximus

    the emperors entertainment

    i guess mainly to keep their guests entertained and to have them talk about it afterwords(almost brag sometimes i would hazard to guess) well if i think of anything more i will add more later
  2. brotus maximus

    what part of the army would you be in?

    ahh u took my job guess i will have to find another one :)
  3. brotus maximus

    Roman Catholics

    so in alot of ways some religions have been altered or have changed in some way shape or form, not to mention new religions based off of a main religion has happened like for example : thanx ursus for pointing that out:) that and of course the statements afterwords have helped on this subject:)
  4. brotus maximus

    the emperors entertainment

    as a matter of fact i do lol so in essence they did use different cultures as form of entertainment in a way to stand out and look better then everyone else(partly becuase money and/or because of power). but when it came right down to it romans did as romans did and didn usually stray far from their own stuff
  5. brotus maximus

    Roman Catholics

    well the way i see it now is that with history is that through out the ages there have been predominant religions and they have all been big in their area(such as the aztecs and mayans, and the romans and greeks for example) all have been the influental religions of their time and my feeling is that at the moment christianity and related(and not so related) religions are in their hayday at the moment not saying of course that any will fall down the drain persay but each religion has had it's time and came and went and i see us like every other period in time will face a new religion(s) or something along that nature but i could be wrong but could it actually happen do you think? what r ur guys's opinion on it
  6. brotus maximus

    Gladiators' graveyard discovered

    that is actually quite a realization for me i have always been facinated by gladitorial combat and to hear this is pretty spectacular in my books. oh and just out of interes i remembered watching this discovery program where it showed injurys that came from a 4 pronged weapon i forget what what it may have been called but my question is whould they have (the gladiators that is ) used such a weapon as well as the main set as to say that there was another weapon, the 4 pronged weapon was in use at least in smaller combats. the weapon they described was small enough to be used like a gladius but as before mentioned was 4 pronged. it is too bad that i dont have that channel i am gonna miss it i would like to see what they say brotus maximus
  7. brotus maximus

    the emperors entertainment

    the other night i stumbeled apon an olde movie on t.v which was something about rome when one of jesus's deciples i forget his name @ the moment was the main focus of the movie and at one part it showed a celebration going on for the emperor and it showed that the dances and music were of at least 3 different cultures, is it possible that the ceasers used different cultures dance and musi for entertainment at festivals and celabretions(sorry i cant spell tonight) and such??
  8. brotus maximus

    Names for Roman Dogs

    I think cerberus would be an awesome name for a guard dog ecially if it was like a doberman or a huge assed guard dog
  9. brotus maximus

    the war of 1812

    What in the world are you talking about?!? Painting the White House, protecting a new country? Canada didn't win anything in the War of 1812, they just stopped our invasion, an invasion of British territory. then just out of interest does it call it a (at least to me it seems anyway) like a minor victory to us ???. and yes we may have been part of the british then but if i remember correctly werent you guys as well when you urselfs fought the french ? i may be wrong but somehow i do remember a little bit of my countrys history even just a tiny little bit. but still as said we were part of the british empire till the mid 50's and if i remember history right with every war we participated in we were renowned for our fighting to protect our country hence y in ww2 we were the most feared country in the commonwealth to fight against or so the germans said(correct me if i am wrong though) and as well the people that made the headlines for alot of battles were of canadian blood(and yes in ww2 we were still in some way apart of the commonwealth of british authority) hence vimy ridge and pasiondale(i spelt that wrong i know) and as well ypre(that probably wrong as well i cant spell today) just to name a few battles where we as a country made an everlasting image and gained respect just like i personally think in the war of 1812. it may seem like i am bashing here or getting mad or whatever you might think badly of me but i personally think that canadians as a whole have made an everlasting image of us to be feared or at least respected in battle becuase of the way we faught(yes there are a number of battles that we lost and are not ashamed to admit) oh and by the way i wasnt sure on the painting the white house thing but i remember hearing something on that, though that would be hilarias if that actually happened:) at least i think so it would be ironic to have a pink or blue white house(though our parliment biulding could use a different tint now and then )
  10. brotus maximus

    the war of 1812

    just out of curiosity wasnt it us canucks that pushed the americans back past the white house and also painted it a different color, i guess if you want to call that a win for you guys go for it but as far as i know that was a pretty weird win for you and all not bashing you guys at all but i am one of the canadians that thought we won that war( and i was slightly taken back by the remark of we would all be eating crumpets and drinking tea line just becuase we were part of the british monarchy doesnt mean that we were our own fighting force defending our newborn country( if u want a good example of the canadian fighting force then ww1 and ww2 are to multiple good examples of both as well as the beor war just to let you know
  11. I thought cavalry used the slightly larger spatha, not the gladius. Anyway, the cavalry usually rellied on spears. Generals of classical Greece fought usually on foot as hoplites. Later everybody important was on horseback and armed with a spatha. Of course, city assaults were foot business. One of Caesar man at Thapsus cut the trunk of an elephant that had risen him above the ground. Also the wide blade it's a indication of slashing movement while the sharp point it's an indication that it was also a thrusting weapon. It was dual purpose. wasnt it that the cavlery use a longer version of the gladius i remember hearing that there was a longer version of the gladius and would seem like an effective weapon, not saying that spatha's were not used but maybe a little help on this post any one???
  12. brotus maximus

    Names for Roman Dogs

    i have to mention that i like the names: Agre, lacon,lebros,theron,lupa and ferox somwhow those names jump out at me and kinda in a weird and twisted way i feel drawn to them. i think when i get the huskies that i have always wanted i think i will name them after these names(and maybe some other names from here). thanx for the names nephele B.M
  13. brotus maximus

    greek fire did it exist??

    maybe if the air had enough moisture but thaqt would serve as a hazard to any body who tryed to either use it (freindly or enemy wise) but to be honest i dont know
  14. brotus maximus

    NHL Playoffs

    well as much as i hate to say this..... GO FLAMES GO YAAAAY THE 1 MILE OF RED YAAAA any way some how i dont see them making it past the first round let alone the the fith game but if i have to i will cheer for the canucks(i would hang myself before i do )
  15. brotus maximus

    What Would You Be In Roman Society....

    Well for me i would be a couple of things(either/or/and) I guess the first thing would be a Pratorean(i dont think i spelt that right at all) in the late imperial or a gladiator (any except the fisher) or as a Pretorean(yet again....) i to save my neck from being killed by the masses that i subjectated would join some small gladitorial arena where nobody knows me so i can possibly if at all redeem my name so i wouldnt be killed(that is if i didnt die by the gladitorial sword)by the people i subjectated/familys of the people i killed but if anything else i would want to be a wealthy vineyard owner and spectacular wine maker:):)