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  1. Antiochus of Seleucia

    Google Earth Revives Ancient Rome

    "Google has added a new twist to its popular 3D map tool, Google Earth, offering millions of users the chance to visit a virtual ancient Rome." Google Earth Revives Ancient Rome
  2. Antiochus of Seleucia

    Hello Old Friends.

    Just saying hi, as I don't have much for homework tonight. Seems that college may actually be easier than high school. Sorry I haven't been on for maybe a year. Too much going on these days. A nuclear engineer wannabe has lots on his plate. I may make a conscious effort to try to hang out more, but I think I may have overtired my interest in history. Actually, to better put that, I've learned enough here to satisfy my interests, which is mostly the combat. There's prolly a boatload of ppl here that I don't know now. Ehhhh. I recently joined a local SCA group and am taking up Historic Rapier Fencing. Looks really fun, but I'm starting out on footwork. When I get good enough and actually get some money (college is expensive), I want to get a swept-hilt rapier and make a sweet tunic and paint my mask. Months down the line when this happens, I'll be sure to post pics!
  3. Antiochus of Seleucia

    Happy 18th birthday

    Lol, thanks guys.
  4. Antiochus of Seleucia


    You may have seen the story on the news about the diabetic girl that died because her parents wouldn't take her to the hospital because they thought praying would heal her. I knew her. She sold me food at the cafe... Idiots.
  5. Antiochus of Seleucia

    What's the last book you read?

    I am currently reading Plebs and Politics in the Late Roman Republic, the book I won from the recent contest. I will write a review when I finish.
  6. Antiochus of Seleucia

    Happy birthday GO!

    A tribute to my liege!
  7. Antiochus of Seleucia

    A Sign of the Times.

    Hi. Antiochus got a concerned e-mail from Gaius and remembered this place. Any classics have been thrown aside for everything that's been happening lately. I've been accepted into college. I am currently working on one of 17 scholarship essays. I just finished my last first semester of high school; no more gym class for the rest of my life. Yes! I applied for a high-paying summer job designed for college-bound students. Current economic conditions are jeopardizing it. My very expensive new computer I bought is amazing and can do anything 10x than normal computers. My girlfriend has put up with me for over four months already. Senioritis sucks. My ambition got its leg cut off, but it's fighting back. I have a weird guilt for being lazy. The real world sucks. Scrubs is the best tv show ever. Muse is the best band ever. I go from 3 classes with homework a day to 6. I need to brush up on my early 20th century commies for a forensics project. I can't really describe things right now, it's just that weird feeling of being trapped in between the lust for staying a kid and having to grow up. Senioritis is a bitch, there I said it again. I should really try to spend more time here, I miss all of you people. Apparently we aren't supposed to say "Ho ho ho" around here anymore. According to my calculations, I will make a whole nine dollars on my certificate of deposit I made last year in an effort to familiarize myself with common banking practices. The song I'm listening to is pure genius; it almost brings tears to my eyes. It's taken me 22 minutes of daydreaming to record all of these fragmented thoughts into here. I shall return. Well, before I go, I'm going to update my profile stuff for kicks now that I'm not particularly busy at the moment.
  8. Antiochus of Seleucia

    Armor Making

    Thank you! That did not come up in my search from the front page.
  9. Antiochus of Seleucia

    Armor Making

    I'm thinking ahead to Halloween. Does anyone know of a site that gives details on how to make your own armor? I have access to materials and equipment. I don't have precious time to design anything myself though. A legionary would make a great companion to a Stormtrooper and Master Chief... and a crack whore. (Do NOT ask.)
  10. Antiochus of Seleucia

    Just a Few Words.

    Long live the United States of America!
  11. Antiochus of Seleucia

    The Doctor.

    This man is amazing.
  12. Antiochus of Seleucia

    When a hobby turns into work....

    Hurrah! 3 cheers to UNRV!
  13. Antiochus of Seleucia

    Apocalypse, Please.

    If you kick at the world, the world will kick back.
  14. Antiochus of Seleucia

    Apocalypse, Please.

    The 4 was on United States History, and this coming school year brings AP European History, AP Economics, and AP Government. Hehe.
  15. Antiochus of Seleucia

    Apocalypse, Please.

    Thanks guy and gal. Hurrah! I just got my AP test results back! I got a 4! Now I don't have to take that class in college and can focus on the specialized ones!