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  1. why do the republicans bother, its going to be a democrat next time anyway ;)


    p.s. btw. any idea why Presidents from the Democrats are so much more popular in europe then republicans? (my impression at least)





    Not necessarily true Viggen. The Republican candidates fully oppose Bush's regime, who can with a 30% approval rating the guy's like the plagues, and have more front-runners then the Democrats. O'Bama and Clinton won't make it because of the traditionalist feelings of America and with more understanding Republican nominees there is a very good chance a Republican will be elected.


    That and the fact the Democrats now control the Congress which would put imbalance in terms of politics like we've seen with the Bush administration. I think people have learned by then. ;)

  2. ...oh, we austrian cherish our Habsburg tration with a passion, not for nothing, some people even call the whole of Vienna a sort of Habsburg-Disneyland :rip:



    I have taken a keen interest with Hapsburg Austria and its assertion as a European power. I love to read about the Austro-Ottoman Wars, and Austrian involvement in wars.


    You certainly have a lot to be proud of Viggen! :(

  3. That niche is already taken. The kid that sits behind me in physics class can sell you Spiderman 3 for $10, other movies for $4, and *or* for $2.


    That's tough competition.


    You can go to torrenttech.com and I gaurantee you can probably run him out of business. Sell 300, Borat, and other recent movies he doesen't have find what people need and sell it for $5.

    No taxes. ;)