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  1. Ginevra

    English-Latin Translations, Part II

    "Vincere" means "to win" ^^ "wolf" in Latin is LUPUS.
  2. Ginevra

    New Year Resolutions!

    I resolve to start studying seriously roman history at school and stop joking so much on my teacher because he's in love with Octavian ^ ^
  3. Ginevra

    Favourite guitarist of all time?

    Mine are Angus Young from AC/DC, Steve Harris from Iron Maiden ;-)
  4. Ginevra

    Latin speakers website

    The idea seems very nice, I'll join it. But I haven't been studying latin for a long time... only two years.
  5. Ginevra

    The third declension locative

    yeah it's right it can be both
  6. Ginevra

    abyssus bonus populus

    Salve, verum est quod dicisti, Quinte, sed in schola - Italiae incolo - non loquemur linguam latinam. studemus id scriptam. Deinde, loqui id difficile est mihi. ego, dico in lingua antiqua romana
  7. Ginevra

    A Wish For All.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!! Buon Natale! I'm sorry for my long absence by I had to study a lot at school, this term has been terrible.. but now I'm on holiday and I'm very happy to be back here!
  8. Ginevra

    abyssus bonus populus

    loqui linguam latinam difficillimus est. quia facere id?
  9. Ginevra

    Classical Music in Latin & German.

    hihi "adeste fideles laeti et triumphantes...venite, venite, adoremus" ? I had never seen it in this way but now... well, scary!
  10. Ginevra

    Romanian...not The Closest To Latin

    In Italian, Adriano / Adriana, Marco, Gaia, Valerio / Valeria ...and many others that I don't remember now ^ ^
  11. Ginevra

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Thank you!!!
  12. Ginevra

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Would you do mine (female)? nriieceacpvraig
  13. Ginevra

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    I haven't understood what I should do to have my hidden roman name...
  14. Ginevra

    Etruscan Culture

    thier language is very interesting. It disappeared, but some words survived in Latin and Italian...