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    Ode To Colleen Mccullough

    Colleen McCullough's books The First Man in Rome, The Grass Crown, Fortunes Favorite, The Women of Caesar, Caesar, and the October Horse are some of the most intriging and detailed roman books i have found. She has imensly developed charaters and a deep knowledge of the roman as a people. I suggest everyone at least read first man in rome.(sorry for spelling) Ave, Iulius
  2. Iulius

    Why Did The Roman Republic Fall?

    Their Constitution was based on working together, since the tribunes of the plebs could veto anything and only the Assembly passed the laws after the LEx hortensia, if there was ever any legislation that was unfavorable to a group then all the government would need to come to some kind of consensus. The problem was after the 2nd punic war all the individual farmer solider's farms had laid fallow and allowed to be over gornw since they could not return to thier farms as long as Hannibal was roaming about Italy. So alot of the individual farms were bought up by rich men who manned them with slaves, putting thousands of rural poor in the mood to travel to rome and become the thousands of urban poor. This led to a bit of rabble rousing, but it also led for the need for change, Which the romans were always agasint intiallty (at least the upper crust of Roman society). Then you have the gracci brothers and Caesar come in and try to change things. But its not so much what they tired to change as how they tried to change it. They broke traditions and caesar went so far as to call teh republic a dead body. THough it was, he seemed a bit out of it to the Romans. Plus during all these time u have about 100 years of civil war, which shows how the Roman constitution was great for a city state of about 50,000 but not the capital of an empire. So basiaclly the Republic became ineffeicient and the men who tried to change the republic for the good ended up making it destroy it self.
  3. Iulius

    Did Cato Destroy The Republic?

    I think if Cato did not pose the immient threat of prosecution on trumped up charges then Caesar would nto haev marched on Rome, he would have come back, beocme consul for hte 2nd time and then who knows what, done cato's wife again?
  4. Iulius

    Who Is Your Favorite

    Mine was Pertinax, a man who was no noble and moral that the Praetorian Gaurd killed him b/c he was going to reform Rome and try to stop the corruption. Sadly, after his death the throne was sold for a ridiculous amount of money.
  5. Iulius

    Ancient Homosexuality

    i know the greeks practiced homosexuality with and almost admiration for it, how did the romans view homo sexuality?
  6. I chose itlay becuasue i like the whole idea of the solider farmer. A man plows his land and when called for duty goes off for a month and fights a neighboring city, then come home and keeps plowing. Sorry if your particular favorite is not on the poll but i could only have 10 poll items.
  7. yes this is a nice site, i made the history review for my latin team using this site, thanks! we won regional, got creamed in state, but had a blast
  8. Iulius

    Ancient Homosexuality

    oh dear... thank god i am not a spartan
  9. Iulius

    Happy Birthday America

    ah, now this was a damn good day for me.
  10. Iulius

    Gaius Julius Caesar

    i believe the republic could have been saved. Who knows what Caesar would have done if he had been able to conquer the parthinans then come bakc to rome. He let alot of his enemies live and perhaps that is so when the time came to let the republic be it's own again under new guidlines, there would be competition like in the good old days... of civil wars...
  11. Iulius

    Movies Best Quotes

    oh if u think it sounds good in welsh wait til u hear it in Gaelic or Greek. now there is a song. and oh yea, that was a damn good scene.
  12. Iulius

    Empire Or Republic?

    republic was best when the army was not profesional but the empire kick ass b 4 all the civil wars every where. Emperor was a very popular place, no?
  13. Iulius


    if guilds made american less of a consumer nation, i'll try it
  14. Iulius


    well i think luck is differnt for everyone. I have amazingly odd luck. Like i will not make yellow lights and i wont ever find money on the ground but I will win a truck. So my luck by passes all th small thigns and rewards me with big things. Also most stupid risks i take pay off. SO i am not complaining.
  15. Iulius

    Best Roman Emperor

    Well, Lts discuss jsut who was the best roman emperor. I beleive it was Trajan. Empire was stable and his milatary exploits in dacia, armenia, parthia, and lord knows where else brought more power, land, and stability to the empire. sorry but i g2g. i always seem to have ot leave for some where wafter i try to repsond or make a toipc.
  16. Iulius

    Movies Best Quotes

    "Great... I am king of a pebble." -Napoleon when he is sent to St. Helena island.
  17. Iulius


    some one said "Do you have any former pop culture stars running for office? That's starting to become the future of American politics." please, they are a joke to us as well. Gary Coleman, a politicain? he can barley pass for a 4th grader.
  18. Iulius

    Gaius Julius Caesar

    your poll wuestion has me stumped. a bit. i think he wanted to make rome more... republic and that he wanted to set it right. he might have seen being king as a way to do that. he was thinking of the state. But why be king? Dictator is better. king has to answer to a population andsenate and etc (according to roman law and tradition) but dictator is immune from all represiosls... (spelling)
  19. Iulius

    Wheres Everyone From

    Houston, Texas, United States of America.
  20. Caesar was the greatest roman general. He did it all. Fought naval battles, land battles, sieges, politcal duels, and still manges to find time to think up reforms that would make rome a longer lasting world power. Caeasr was a master tactition as well as strategist. Alesia is a great example. Circumventalating (spelling big time!) well surrounding the Gauls castle thing and holding off another arny that out numbers you. The other is Pharsalus, not the best battle ever but signifigant display of Caesar's milatary brilliance. I could go on but i have ot gon in five minutes and i want to give Sulla his due. Sulla i believe comes right after caesar. sorry g2g.
  21. Iulius


    hey, i have to write a paper about religion for my english class. I can go either way and I was jsut wondering what y'all thought about th topic. Is religion bad for society? Does it make more problems than it can fix? Is it a positive influence in society? What is religion to you? I gotta answer those questions and i thought it would be cool to see what y'all thought. Ave, Iulius
  22. aye but those who do often times have something interesting to say.
  23. Iulius

    Roman Emperors

    i say trajan or as his friends called his ole "parthicus" (he conquered parthia). He set the empire bakc on his feet. Good milatary vistories plus he came after some bad ones. well not directly... hell now i am all befuggled... i should now be doing this now... i'll imput when i feel better.
  24. Iulius


    well, america is way up excrematory creek with out hte proper means of locomotion. I think the iraqi invason was not bad until i realized, "*****. we got ot stay now!" I have no clear feeling on the "war of terror". i believe that whole area of the world is messed up. messed up not in the sense of wrong religion or anything that discriminatory but in their mind set. blowing your self up... sends chills up my spine (well job well done then i guess). bit i have serious problems with people who excerise all these rights that are very liberal and dare i say american (such as freedom of speech etc though not to upset otehr countries b/c i know others have them as well). They take their rights to the extreme by lets say being annoyin in public and then backing them selves up wiht :"freedom of speech". The "overly individualistic" people who are jsut mean and bitter to america b/c they CAN be. u know who i am talking about? i got pride. yea us. yea america but i am not blind. we should never have gotten involved in the middle east. I think we might of had to at some point but it would be nice if we could jsut sit on our continent and twiddle our thumbs singing "god bless (or for those overly individualistic people who also trash god jsut b/c they can) "higher power bless america.
  25. Iulius

    Why Did Rome Collapse?

    i chose civil wars brcaue they weakend and corrupted the romans to allow for the invasion by the germans