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  1. Moonlapse

    I think...

    that I may be going through a divorce very soon. Coincidentally, we are taking a vacation next week. Should be fun? Haha, thunder just crashed outside, nice timing.
  2. A list of contributors along with the additions each has made to the site, from book reviews to historical essays, has been added to the 'About' section of the site. We are very grateful for everyone's participation and enthusiasm, especially those that contribute to the quality of discussion on these forums.
  3. Moonlapse

    I think...

    Thanks for the sympathy, guys. You could say that its been a long time coming, I've always either been to spineless to end it or I just convinced myself that maybe we would be able to change and make it work. I only put myself in a more difficult situation. I'll probably be taking the cat. The silly thing thinks it's #2.
  4. Moonlapse

    Invasive crawler?

    There is a setting for your profile to allow people to send you an email through the site (you can see it at the bottom left of anyone's profile, right under 'Send Message'). By default it's 'Private', but if you enable it, there will be a link to 'Send Email' under 'Send Message'. Basically, the Yahoo spider was indexing the Send Email form page for someone who had specifically enabled this option.
  5. Moonlapse

    I knew it all along

    Same here.
  6. Moonlapse

    Meaning of Life

    Meaning of life? Does that mean the purpose of all life? Or my personal existential rationalization? There is no answer for the first and the second is something I can't explain and if I could, would only make sense to myself. Its whatever I make of it.
  7. Moonlapse

    Chick Flicks

    I don't like 'typical' chick flicks, not because they're romantic, but because they are usually shitty films... like a lot of 'typical' action films. But I wouldn't consider The English Patient to be a typical chick flick.
  8. Moonlapse

    truly diabolical

    Start clapping, it's Heino! I have some vintage Heino vinyls that are part of a collection I inherited from my grandparents.
  9. Moonlapse

    New Moderator

  10. I'm sure all this can be done using Google Maps API, and it wouldn't be using unrv.com server resources. In fact, that's what I want to use eventually for interactive province maps (which would integrate with any other map stuff like archaeological locations, pictures, etc) If someone else knows how to do it and wants to do it, that's awesome. For me to do it, it would have to be queued and I really can't tell you when it would be done.
  11. I was going to comment this in Ursus' blog post on decriminalization, but his slate has been wiped clean. It statistically documents the predictable benefits of Portugal's decriminalization of drug use. http://www.scribd.com/doc/13784156/Drug-De...ato-White-Paper
  12. Moonlapse

    Drug Decriminalization in Portugal

    Strange how they don't mention Portugal at all, its been a real-world test of alternative policies applied to every drug. Actually, the whole article seems like naive (or misleading) conjecture. In all reality, marijuana legalization would most likely lead to something similar to what has happened with beer microbreweries in the US. You'd have a multitude of competing 'micronurseries' who try to provide something unique and enjoyable in order to establish a name for themselves. The idea of a foreign cartel improvising by creating superstrength pot that hospitalizes people is absurd. That implies that you could make illegal 150 proof low-quality beer to get an edge on American microbreweries. They would have to improvise by providing quality at a competitive price, which is exactly how free markets within a legal framework have been demonstrated to work throughout history. If the Obama administration halts federal raids on California dispensaries and possibly intervenes in federal cases like the one involving Charlie Lynch, I'll take that as an extremely positive sign, but I haven't seen that yet.
  13. http://www.chimay.com/en/chimay_blue_220.php This is pricey, but it's worth buying every once in a while. It's a Trappist ale, which in my experience are usually near perfect beers. Its sweet and malty with a little bit of spicy hops. Nice deep cloudy red color. Very mellow aroma, like bread. Its hard to tell that its 9% alcohol because its VERY smooth. I find that it tastes best when its cool/lukewarm. It has a certain typical 'Belgian' flavor that may be due to the yeast, but I'm not sure. If it didn't cost so much I'd buy it all the time. Absolutely excellent.
  14. Moonlapse

    Classical Works you know but dont know

    One of my favorites as well. I really like . by Claude Debussy. movie? String Quartet in F Major, Assez vif - Tres rythme by Maurice Ravel. The Royal Tenenbaums Piano Concerto No. 3 by Rachmaninoff. Shine
  15. Ooohhh, my favorite subject. I have indeed had Midas Touch several times, I buy it whenever its available. Some people don't think it's all that, but I really enjoy it. It is similar to a fruit lambic in some ways, it doesn't really taste like beer and it definitely has a grapey meady taste. Different batches have slight differences in flavor, smell, etc. I like the mouthfeel as well, its not watery. I won't try to describe the flavor in detail, so you'll have to find it and see if it suits your tastes.
  16. Moonlapse

    For those who remember "space invaders"

    Thumbs up on Royksopp, Vangelis and Jem. The game that totally blew me away was
  17. Moonlapse

    A little perspective.

    Look at this: http://www.pagetutor.com/trillion/index.html Then this: http://nicolasrapp.com/?p=378
  18. Moonlapse

    A little perspective.

    Found another graphic perspective:
  19. Moonlapse

    Blue Hawai'i

    Actually, I was all over the place around the Honolulu area and a little bit of the north shore. I wasn't really there as a tourist, I went there with my girlfriend at the time to meet her family and friends during Christmas break. I was fortunate enough to get an inside look at life there and to also eat home cooked meals.
  20. Moonlapse

    Global Currency

    The G20 moves the world a step closer to a global currency This article reminded me of a CFR essay by Benn Steil titled The End of National Currency that I read a couple of years ago. Steil's essay is remarkably astute, not only for his understanding of national fiat currencies, but of the nature of gold as real money as determined by thousands of years of human interaction. While I would welcome the end of nationalistic currencies, I utterly detest the idea of a global 'paper' currency manipulated by a global central bank. In fact, I think it would eventually lead to another dark age. I just hope that any superseding currency is based on something with real value, and not subject to manipulation by a political class. BTW, are you guys ready for the bust in commercial real-estate and Treasury bonds?
  21. Moonlapse

    Blue Hawai'i

    Awesome. I was in Honolulu (Aiea) during New Years Eve about 10 years ago... from about 5pm to about 2 am there was an incessant roar of fireworks going off in every back yard and a thick haze of smoke to go with it. It was sort of like smoke grenades and machine guns going off for hours on end. I also remember standing in a crowded store and thinking that I was the only 6 foot plus blond person in a sea of 5 foot Asians.
  22. Moonlapse

    A little perspective.

    Did you click on the graphic? It will open up a full size copy
  23. http://www.alternet.org/healthwellness/126...d_combat_deaths
  24. Moonlapse

    Baby cut her beer teeth...

    Yeah, baby! Don't forget about the Belgian beers If you want a creamier Irish stout, go for Murphy's. It's just as good as Guinness, IMO. For dark beer, I also really like Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout and Flying Dog Imperial Porter.
  25. Moonlapse

    History of Economic Thought

    Volumes 1 and 2 of Murray Rothbard's History of Economic Thought: 1 Economic Thought Before Adam Smith 2 Classical Economics This should keep me occupied for a long time.