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  1. Its no wonder. Coins really traveled in those days. Whether it was Bezants in medaeval England or the Norse Penny in Maine, Norse Penny Coins turn up in unexpected places! The only real wonder is that it was one issued by Nerva rather than an emperor with a longer reign.
  2. What was Claudius' conquest of Britain, a ball game? But never had it been so explicit. Moreover if the recruitment of the landless poor had been going on. Wouldn't it have been to eke out legions instead of creating them en masse out of proletarii?
  3. CiceroD

    Lindsey Davis

    I noticed that her detective character Falco has a best friend (Petro) who is a member of the vigiles, and he seems to be more policeman than fireman. At least, from what I've read so far in her novel Saturnalia. -- Nephele She does run roughshod over Roman naming conventions, doesn't she? This is especially so with women. As I recall Falco also lights "a match" in Silver Pigs (or Shadows in Bronze). That being said I've loved (LOVED) the series ever since I picked it up. It's probably because the characters are so vivid. What preoccupies me is: what will Falco do when Domitian succeeds Titus? I think our "Sam Spade in a toga" will be the first to be purged!
  4. Don't sell Augustus short either. As the author states in the quote he did succeed in "consolidating" the Roman Empire. He got a people who loathed monarchy to resign themselves to his rule and he created a system that would survive his hideous heirs. But ultimately the question is: did his actions define Europe and later culture? Why don't we take a look at a world without Augustus? Without him this period of civil strife could not have continued. Either: 1) Another strongman would have filled his shoes as Imperitor. 2) External enemies (Or breakaway provinces) could have ended a Rome weakened by extended civil wars (as they did later) If the former, then Rome could conceivibly have continued to provide the backbone to western culture. If the latter "Romanized" successor states could have fulfilled the same role.
  5. CiceroD

    Germanic Religion

    Wouldn't the Torcs give the Gauls away? I would highly doubt that if Quinctilius Varus hadn't walked into the Teutoberger Wald the Romans would have had little problem assimilating Germanic Gods just like every other polytheistic people they conquered (The zealotry of Veleda and her followers not withstanding). After all they didn't seem to bat an eye at the self-made eunuchs that worshiped Cybele! Perhaps we can't be conclusively sure one way or another. It would really help if some local city magistrate had raised a temple in Germania Inferior or Superior to Wotan or somthing. Still we can't rule out that they picked it up from the Thor comics!
  6. CiceroD

    Happy birthday Cato

    Ditto. But I have to register how awesome it is that you were born on the Ides of March!
  7. "Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit"

    what does your tagline mean?

  8. Ok I've pulled the book off the shelf and this is the quote directly Just how did he define Europe as a region? Sure he conquered Illyricum and finally brought Spain under Roman authority. but this doesn't define Europe. I would say that it was the Medieval Church that created the sense of "Christendom" and therefore Western Culture. I think that no one holds the title to "founding father of western civilization"
  9. CiceroD

    Germanic Religion

    What I seem to hear is that Caesar was just bad or indifferent as an anthropologist. It seems clear that the Germans did have Gods. However it is conceivable that they were different ones from the Norse, since Tacitus didn't see fit to provide their local names. Didn't every little city in Sumer have its own local God/s? given hundreds of miles I can believe that someone can wind up in a new religion really quick!
  10. CiceroD

    Germanic Religion

    What is Tacitus' description of Germanic religion? Is there anything that sounds cognate to later myth? One always must remember that the book is Propaganda. I have to admit the Bos Cervi, Alces and Uri dont ring a bell except that Alces refers to Moose. Perhaps I haven't gotten there yet. But couldn't an innaccurate description be caused by ignorance? I mean how often did he hunt? People didn't believe in Gorillas until one was shot. Dugongs were mistaken for Mermaids. Similarly Caesar, and his men wouldn't have spent much time observing German religion. It really would have been counter-productive to turn Gauls into monsters since he put them in the Senate! He also engaged the Britons and didn't conquer them. Still they do not come off nearly so barbaric as the Germans. That explaination alone cannot be completely the cause for Germanic bad press
  11. (Note: It was a toss-up in my mind as to place this topic here or in Forum Peregrini. I hope that here is acceptable) I have been reading through Caesar's the Gallic Wars for the first time. (and getting to the good parts! ) But I noticed at the beginning in Caesar's description of the Germans, especially their religious practices being far removed from later Germanic (and yes Norse) Mythology. This is what he said: Obviously this differs greatly from the Eddas or later Uppsala Temple worship. What is the source of this cultural inconsistancy? Three possibilities spring to mind. 1) Caesar was a bad Anthropologist. He didn't really care about being accurate, took rumors as true, made assumptions based on a lack of built temples, and/or wanted to disparage them. 2) There was a change in religion. it has been known to happen. A simple animistic people can develop a pantheon and mythology in the hundreds of years between Caesar and the Vikings. 3) It's apples and oranges. "Germanic" is a linguistic definition and not a cultural one. While they may have shared language traits two different religions can easily operate between the Rhine and Scandinavia. What does everyone think?
  12. CiceroD

    Roman Clothing and Armament Guides

    Thank You Melvadius! I shall have to investigate further.
  13. CiceroD

    Roman Clothing and Armament Guides

    My dreams of Toga-making have been stymied by finding the right material. Does anyone know where to find suitable cloth wide enough?
  14. CiceroD

    Caesar: Hero Or Villain

    I certainly agree with your second point there. I do see Caesar as a villain, but Caesar = Hitler? Warfare has always been a savage thing and back then it was even more so. The modus operandi for any ancient general capturing the town was to kill most of the defenders, rape the women, loot the place, and cart of much of the remaining population as slaves. That's why Augustus sparing Alexandria got so much press. Just to get things straight 52xz. Do you put most ancient generals on par with Hitler?
  15. We're also missing somthing else here. Martial Art or no, Pankration was part of the larger world of Greek Athletics. I always heard that the Romans were never very thrilled at the institution. Didn't they see it as leading to certain character defects. (Well excluding Emperors Nero and Commodus of course!)