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  1. I don't know if there's a topic on this already, but I saw your name on the birthday list sooo Happy birthday to you Longbow!
  2. Fafnir

    Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion Expansion Pack

    I have it, though i must admit that im rather disappointed. I found RTR v6.1 a much funner experience than BI Vanilla. But the mods that will come of this game will be fantastic, atleast.
  3. Certainly the Turks would have eventually conquered the Byzantines, even without the victory. But yes, I believe it did lead to a domino effect of bad events.
  4. Fafnir

    Your Ideal Empire!

    A utopian society located on a man-made moon orbiting a planet full of rare minerals to trade with you silly Earthlings.
  5. Fafnir


    Okay, that was just weird. Welcome to the forums Emperor Goblinus
  6. Fafnir


    If it's true, then it's reasonable. Officers always get treated better than grunts, even today.
  7. I have to agree that it would be rather pointless to expand west at the time. Other than Italy, the rest of the west was all "barbaric" and wouldnt be able to be easily subdued. Remember if the Persian empire fell in the East he could easily take over, but with the barbarians he would have to take them out tribe by tribe. Besides, what's the point of taking barbarian lands? They dont have treasure like the Easterners did.
  8. Fafnir

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks guys. Had my party all Saturday night (surprised the cops didnt come) and spent my birthday sick. Atleast I can drive now.
  9. Fafnir

    Electricity, Rome's Near Future!

    Wait, how can you call that a true fact, have you seen what life would be like today without the medieval period? It's more of an opinion than a fact. And i think you were looking for the Dark Ages, the Medieval period actually had some technological advancements...
  10. Lol no, you just remind me of him. I dont know why you do, but you're an awesome guy so far. I didnt mean to be insulting in the least.
  11. Fafnir

    Electricity, Rome's Near Future!

    Maybe if you gave them 500 years without any major conflicts. It just doesn't seem possible that they could have found and harnessed electricity that quickly.
  12. Fafnir

    Roman Emperor Quiz

    Vespasian. Must have been all of my pro-military answers, lol. It *is* what got me interested in the Roman Empire in the first place.
  13. Lol Moonlapse, I actually find the first sig pretty cool. Yeah, Zeke, I remember those days. I still come on this site pretty frequently but I just dont have enough time to post all that much. Its still good to read all what people have to say though. By the way, Tobias oddly reminds me of Spartocus before he went crazy... Except Tobias is much more knowledgeable.
  14. Deny people their basic freedoms, duh! Or become an administrator and make your own title because of your unlimited power, whatever.
  15. Fafnir

    Citizens And Members?

    Okay, thanks you three for the answer. I wasnt sure myself because i was pretty much absent while you guys changed up the forums.