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  1. I got an 8 out of 10. One of them, I guessed and 1 of them I clicked the wrong one when I knew the answer. I guess all that reading paid off for me....Where's my diploma.
  2. I've always been fascinated with Nero. Such power at such a young age, and to have grown up with Agrippina as his mom...Must've been tormented with a lot of things throughout his life.
  3. I agree totally. Regardless of their society, all of the brutality and violence has to take a toll on their mental state. I mean, it's not brutality all the time, right? When at home with their family or walking around town, etc. There has to be lots of down time in between battles and wars so that's when I think the PTSD would come into play. I'm sure there were bad dreams from time to time about these horror's they lived through. It had to take a negative toll on them, IMO.
  4. Caius Julius

    Germanicus by Lindsay Powell

    I've always been a fan of Germanicus. He was the man who retrieved the standards lost in the Teutoburg Forest fiasco....Anyone that can father Caligula has to be interesting in my book. LOL. Thanks for this review.
  5. This is an interesting point of view and one that makes total sense. I mean, PTSD can't be something that's just popped onto our landscape in the last 30-40 years it has to have been around since the beginning of time....Nice find, thanks.
  6. Caius Julius

    Dating the Destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum

    That is VERY interesting. I love it when stuff like this just pops up. Makes them have to rethink the whole deal. Great article.
  7. This is an interesting take, one I've not really thought of until now. I'm the same in that when I visit Rome, I'm in awe of almost EVERY artifact that I see on the street. But, I live near Orlando, FL in the U.S. and I've been to Disney World about 300 times in my life. So, when I think about going or see something referencing it, I'm very ho-hum about the topic. So, Romans of today probably have a similar feeling regarding what they see daily as well. Never thought of it like that, but it definitely makes sense.
  8. Caius Julius

    First free online course on Hadrian's Wall goes live

    I'm in, thanks.
  9. Caius Julius

    Medicus: A Novel of the Roman Empire

    Looks like a good read, I'll probably check it out.