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  1. Congratulations for a well presented new layout. This is much easier to read and looks very much more pleasing to the eye. Although I haven't quite found my way around it!! Good on you!
  2. Maximus

    Hurricane Katrina

    I would like to send my sympathies to any members or members families that have been hit by this truly disastrous weather. May you all receive help in the not to far future and may you all be safe at this sad time. Has anyone heard of any members being in distress?
  3. Maximus

    Reenactment - What Equipment Is Best?

    Well I would recommend Len Morgan. The only problem with Depeeka gladii is that we were told that they would be too sharp for battle reenactment also that they would snap if hit with another gladius.
  4. When this site produced a newsletter, I signed up for it but have not received any. Can anyone tell me what is going on and whether they have received any.
  5. Maximus

    Top 10 Movies Of All Time

    I like Gladiator, Passion of the Christ, Spartacus, although there are others, I am not much of a film buff but I do enjoy watching historical programmes mostly.
  6. Maximus

    Western Perception Of Islam

    I don't think any religion is 'evil' but it is the people who try to influence the people of other religions. I personally am not religious but I think that if one person from Islam is not prepared to take into consideration the views of the other persons religion, then this is wrong. If religions are to co-exist with one another, then there must be give and take on all sides. With regards to the extremists (especially the Islamic), then if they are not prepared to live side by side with Christians, then they should be removed to a country where they can practise their religion without penalising others who do not believe as they. Let it be known that I do not hold a grudge against anyone unless they do something to myself that changes my view of them.
  7. Maximus

    You Probably Dont Know This But Ill A

    Our local museum is funded by the local council but they have a friends group who fundraises for repairs and maintenance etc. But I agree in Britain, museums are owned either privately, by the government or run by donations only. I will say that usually, the specialist museums are privately owned and the general museums are funded by the government.
  8. I haven't been to Stonehenge for around ten years but I remember it was awesome then. Yeah, the roads do spoil it but it beats clambering over fields to reach it. Besides there is a military training area around there, so I definitely would notlike to traipse over the moor.
  9. There was a documentary a few years back about King George III and his apparent madness. Unfortunately it was not confined to himself but, they managed to trace it back through further generations of monarchy in Britain.
  10. Maximus

    Anyone Here In The Military?

    Well I live approximately 25 miles away from the Royal Marines Training base at Lympstone Commando and from what I have seen and heard, I think they are better than the regular army. This is my personal opinion.
  11. Maximus

    Would You Buy This?

    Beware Museum Replicas Javelins. They are badly constructed. Their Gladii are good quality showpieces. Their red tunics are too red. Their shields are completely the wrong size. Would you like me to go on!!! How do I know all this, we made the mistake of ordering all of the above and it was all returned at a later date. But as for Len Morgan, his goods are well researched and spot on historically and authentically. I would recommend him to anyone.
  12. Maximus

    Portraying The Romans

    After seeing a whole range of Roman Re-enactment groups, I think that any group who portrays the civilian life as well as military deserves to be acknowledged. Which group(s) do you think portray the best and why?
  13. Maximus

    Roman Equipment

    Yes I can, we were a group of Roman Soldiers based in Honiton in Devon. We have decided to fold because another group local to us basically pinched our territory and our work. We have fought to keep our work for 2 years and we have no decided that enough is enough and we are selling up. If you are interested in buying our stuff, then please let me know as soon as possible.
  14. Due to our group folding through no fault of our own, we now have surplus Roman equipment for sale. Anyone interested in purchasing any then please send a private message. Thankyou
  15. Maximus

    Time Team

    Well you have got good taste. The best item was the vindolanda tablets. Although I thought that the pot of face cream was quite exciting, especially as they learnt quite a lot from it.